MQP & date of on set

If my condition started as mild in 2016 and now its severe, what would be the date of on set? when the condition originally started or the date that it was severe?

My place of employment closed Nov. 2022. I haven’t worked since. Would I still be under the MQP?

Section C, (c1) Asks when did i feel I could no longer work because of my condition, if I put a date in, but in the medical report filled out by the doctor in section 6, question 1 says not discussed and question 2 says unknown. How would this effect things?

You need to contributed in 4 of the last 6 years.
I’m guessing you have until Oct this year to apply.
There probably is no way of knowing until you apply.

No idea.
I don’t think it would affect things if the doctor is supportive now but it sounds better to me if then doctors says it was discussed.