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Hi there, I was wondering how i would go about making money on my crafting. I make wreaths (while i sit and watch tv in my recliner) If I were to sell them would my LTD be cutoff? I find making crafts very good for the mind as I am not so depressed but I can’t give them away…so if i sold them for just the cost of the supplies is that actually “making income”?

Hi, the issue will always be are you capable of doing gainful employment. There is nothing wrong with crafting and even earning a small income on the side; however, the insurance company or CPP disability people will want details on what you are doing so they can determine if you are capable of working more. You should be up front with the LTD about this as there is nothing wrong with doing this type of thing. It does demonstrate you have “some” capacity to work…they just need to be satisfied that you remain unable to work more.

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Thank you so much for your response. If I am selling the wreaths for what I pay for supplies is it income? I don’t know if i need to put it on my forms as income??

I think it is income because it is for a business (even if the business doesn’t make money, it is still work). I would make it clear that you can’t work more. I would also make sure it correlates to the medical part of your claim (eg. If your claim says you can’t do x and making wreaths involves doing x then I think that would be a red flag. If your claim says you can’t do x for y hours in a row then I think that would be ok). Bottom line, I would discuss it with your insurer. Just my opinion.

My thoughts are if you do not make money and if you do not claim on taxes, then it is a hobby. I would let the Insurer know that you are doing a hobby, but not making any money…but doing as a way to cope with your disability. Be honest about the time you spend doing it and the fact that sometimes you do not have the energy to do it.
I would buy a notebook and track the time and money spent. I would also track the difficulties and challenges.

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I agree with ally
Having a purpose is very vital to being.
From a therapeutic standpoint having a hobby that pays for its self is very uplifting.
When all things are tallied and expenses are noted your hourly “income” is probably negative or ne or two dollars an hour. But making money is not the point of the hobby.
I can see where some one can use the “hobby” to generate a good deal of income on a steady basis and that would constitute being able to engage in gainful employment on a steady basis.

For those who are battling with a “dis-ability” the stigma of not being valuable is brutally tough on a person’s self worth. Having a way to be “able” in some compasity, having some way to earn your way and contribute is essental to one’s being.
This is what I think the reasoning is behind CCP Disability allowing for a CPPD person to generate up to $5000 CND a year.
Yes being totally upfront and honest with your LTD insurance company is important but so is having a lawyer (big dog on a long leash) ready and willing to deal with the less than honest and forthcoming insurance representative. Unfortunately the horror stories of unscrupulous individuals out for the yearly bonuses are numerous and quite often valid. Needing to have a lawyer just so you can therapeuticly suport your mental state of purpose is a shameful part of our society.
Good luck at your craft sale.
PS. All things in I made -$200 last year with my efforts at being useful…