Home based hobby affect appeal decision? Worried!

Hello! Im in my first appeal stage with cpp disability. A woman called me from service Canada last week and explained to me that since I said on my appeal letter that I have a small home based business, that she needs to send me a form to fill out just because service Canada needs to see how much i make ect ect …she sounded sorry that she had to send it! I explained to her that its more of a hobby than a business and that i probably made about 10 dollars in the last month. I do not own or have a business liscense either…i live in bc and I sell my home made body butter and chapsticks on fb marketplace…which i told her as well. (I did not tell her i dont have a business liscense!) I havent made a dime yet anyways since i started it last summer…my supplies cost to date far acceeds any profit I have made to date. Should I be worried about not having a business liscense? And should i be worried about this possibly affecting my disability decision? Ive suffered from chronic urticaria type legions on bottom of my feet and palms for 13 yrs…ive supplied pictures…docs on board…some days cannot walk…its miserable quality of life. Thank you for your time. Xx

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Business license is totally irrelevant. The more documents you can provide that you are not making money the better. CPPD does allow you to make a little bit of money, I can’t remember the exact amount but somewhere between 5 and 6 thousand. Is there a way to get a printout of everything that you sold or something?

Thanks for your reply! Hmmm i got paid either by cash or email money transfer? Could print off bank statements going by each month ? Hope that would suffice :woman_shrugging: not sure what else i could do

Have you received the form?

Maye you don;t need proof of income.

Just on your appeals,just wanted to share with you the best advice I ever got. A Ontario Social Worker told me straight up,they are going to turn you down over and over and over again at Cpp, Their hope is you will be discouraged and give up,most do she said.

So just as she said they turned me down all 3 times,I had only the review tribunal left. I had no plans of meeting with 3 strangers to beg for help and humiliate myself,but I was going to appeal to them even though was not planning to take it all the way

Less than 10 days later I get a letter from CPP,this is the exact language …we understand you have appealed to a review tribunal,at the result of another reconsideration ,we now reverse our previous ruling,and now consider you to be disabled under the legislation. I paraphrase from memory,but that’s pretty much word for word. People far worse off than myself gave up,but I took the kind social workers advice,appeal appeal and appeal

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Jammer, no I havnt recieved the form yet…crossing my fingers that I wont have to jump thru that hoop too but I will!
Thank you so much fluteie for your encouragement! Appeal appeal appeal! I will do so! And good for you for sticking it out till the very end!!! Congratulations :slight_smile:

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Mine didn’t affect it. I completed the form and was told I can’t make more than 6k a year without implications, that was it. I also had a small home based business with no business license

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That’s not the case. I wasn’t turned down and got it approved within 4 months. It depends on your Dx, Dr support and what impacts are to your life

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Hi don’t over think or act. Just give cppd the information they request. If they require more detail in income you can refer them to you income tax return. If it shows nothing, then there is nothing. Wait unitl they ask for the specifics, but like all above has said you are allowed to make about $400/m without consequences.