Working at your own pace while on LTD


I have heard about people being able to do some form of work while still collecting LTD. I have worked so hard to get where I am in my career and am heart-broken that I am not able to do it anymore. I have been denied LTD and an accommodation and am appealing right now; however, at the same time I am scared that if I do get approved down the road, that they will not allow me to do anything without cutting me off. Based on the progression of things and the nature of my illness, it is unlikely without a miracle that I would be able to return to work, but I hope and pray that I would be able to do something meaningful, even if it means doing it via skype/phone/from home, etc. It would most likely end up being a couple hours a week and at a time of day that I know my meds will be working well enough to give me the reprieve I need to engage with someone for a while.

Can anyone share their experience in this regard? Much appreciated!

If you’re collecting long-term disability benefits and thinking about going back to work, make sure you read your long-term disability policy carefully to understand how working will affect your monthly check. Contact your LTD claims administrator or, even better, a long-term disability attorney if you have questions about your policy.

My policy states:

Periods for which the employee is Not Entitled to benefits:

  1. working in any occupation, except as provided for under Partial Disability Benefits Provision.

It means that I can only work if I am under partial disability agreement with them. Otherwise there will be no benefits if I work anywhere else.

You should read your policy to see if there is a clause like this.