LTD terminated/ employee sent email about return to work

Hi everyone,

At the end of last year, my brother was in a very bad accident which put him in a coma and he died two months later.

At the time of the accident I was in a bad state mentally, since we are very close but live in on different continents.
My doctors ( psychiatrist and psychology), advised me to go home, to go say goodbye, they said “ You have to be able to say goodbye to him, and do it before it is too late”.

They prescribed me 3 months medications and sent me on my way.
Few days after I left Canada, I received an email from manulife stating that they were informed I had travelled, they asked me to fill out the activity form and proof of medication. I honestly, didn’t think much of it since my doctors had approved my travel, and I was seeing a psychologist where I was travelling to.

A month later, I received a termination of benefit email, I sent them the documents from the doctors stating that they had approved my travel and in fact believe it was needed and beneficial for my mental health.

They denied my appeal saying I didn’t follow the doctor’s treatment plan because I travelled.

Today, I just received an email from HR asking me when am I planning retuning to work since I am no longer on approved leave of absence( given Manulife’s decision)

I have already started a second internal appeal, which I now think it was useless. Maybe, I should go to legal route, I am not sure whether that will be successful either.

What am I supposed to email back to the HR woman? I have no idea what to say or whether I should email them back at all?

Any help or insights will be appreciated.

Thank you.

Talk to a lawyer.

Thank you Jammer. I will contact him.

Sorry for your loss.

Your situation sounds complicated. You may need to talk to a lawyer at this stage. Call Resolute for sure.

The doctors plan was that you travel so asked them to provide proof that the doctor said you shouldn’t travel. They won’t be able to provide it. They do anything to get people off ltd. Shamefull