LTD appeal date has passed and no information back from LTD

New to the site, have been just reading and finding it very helpful, can someone tell me what can I do if the ltd company hasn’t gotten back to me and the timeframe has passed? I’ve submitted my appeal well over a month ago and still nothing. I

No answer is an answer–personally I would just get a lawyer and sue

I’m certainly going to do that, just finding Ltd very unprofessional to date.
Thank you

Maybe Canadapost lost the mail.
I never got a few things last Sep (I guess the insurance company could have lied about mailing them).

Sorry to hear that - I know how stressful that can be. Have you called them by phone? Good luck!

Ya, I phoned them.
I used to get monthly letters about the deposits but they stopped sending them (or I don’t get them).
Why can’t they just email (I asked and they can’t).
I don’t care as long as the deposits continue.