Terminated from LTD - what to do?

Well, I received a termination letter today in regard to my definition of disability (24 months is up in May/June).
Apparently, in the August 2019 doctor’s notes: “medical information supports that your mood was improved, happy, your insight and cognition were good and normal. Further your energy, motivation, and concentration were improved.”
I have been diagnosed with PTSD, Depression, Anxiety (and Agoraphobia). Cherry picking information at its finest considering their own IME told them to leave me alone a week before.

Now I have been to my doctor several times since then, a psychiatrist and new meds to adjust to. I am on a waitlist for regular psychiatric care in future. I have also applied for CPP-D at the request of my insurer.

I can appeal with a medical update/letter from my doctor but really…is it even worth one last kick at the can (this is the 3rd?4th? kick since May 2018) Is now the time to pursue a legal case?

I would get the free consult with Resolute