LTD form questions

I received a form from LTD to complete.

  1. They want to know the ‘start date’ of my medications, ‘the dosage’, and the ‘prescribing doctor.’ Over the years my doctors have increased my medications dosages. Do I write the start date when I started taking XYZ or do I write the start date when my doctor doubled my dosage to XYZ times 2 which is the current dosage I am taking? Which doctors name do I write? The original doctor who prescribed the medication on a low dosage or my current doctor who increased my dosage? I called my LTD provider but they did not give me a clear answer.

  2. They want to know all the income I am receiving such as CPP-D, WCB, etc. Do I have to list the income they are paying me as well in ‘other’ ?

I hope my questions make sense. Thank you all for your support!

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I would go to your pharmacy and get a print out of all your medications and submit that to your LTD provider. The LTD provider asking for other sources of income are standard as other income from CPPD is deducted from the LTD monthly payment. Better to be upfront with LTD provider with all sources of income and let them determine if they deduct from your LTD payment. You don’t want them finding something on their own and then having them think you are dishonest.

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Thank you Harvey23!

Over the weekend I asked my pharmacy for the start dates of all my medications.