Does CPPD continue if LTD is denied?

Ive been on ltd since 2020 and have been approved for cppd.

I had a long form to fill out for ltd insurance company with activities and health updates for them to decide if ltd should continue.

Could the following happen if my ltd is stopped, would my cppd also end.

Is it heard of to just receive cppd and no ltd?

Sorry if this question doesn’t make sense. My brain is foggy at best of times.

They are separate things with different terms, conditions, processes and requirements. You can qualify for one, either, both, or neither, depending on your personal circumstances.

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Thank you for your quick reply. I will try and take each day as it comes.

CPP-D is stricter so if you get that it is less likely LTD will cut you off (not impossible, just less).

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Thank you for replying. Worst case if ltd is cut off I still (potentially) have cppd.

Since you are well past your change of definition with your LTD insurer did you receive the once a year update form or was this out of the blue form you were not expecting?

Thank you for the reply.

I believe this maybe the once in a year update form. Although the wording stated they will use the form to decide if ltd should continue. My gp also completed a portion of the form regarding health improvement or deterioration.

They (Canada Life) also said they will be moving my file to group something. (Didn’t quite catch exactly where)

Do you get to choose which doctor to send it to complete the medical doctor part if you have more than 1 doctor?

Didn’t think about that and instinctively sent the form to my family doctor. They didn’t have a lot of updates from the specialist doctor and sent whatever they had on hand.

I think in the future I will ask the specialist to send any new reports to my family doctor.

So you choose which dr to send it to and the LTD insurer didn’t choose correct?

This was on the form

Attending Physician’s Statement (to be completed by physician)

Probably the long term group which is good.

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Sounds like you’ve been moved to the maintenance group. Basically you won’t be bothered anymore. You can expect once a year requests for updates and probably not much else. You should have no concern about getting your LTD cut off. And no, CPP and LTD are not related at all to each other.

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Thank you so much for the information.