Cppd amount to LTD

Hello, I recently had to fill out a medical form to continue my LTD benefits which I have done a few times now. There is an area it asks for your income and you check which you have. They know I have ccpd and I sent them the paper work from service canada showing what I was receiving. They are only allowed to take the initial amount I qualify for. All cost of living is irrelevant to them as they cannot take it.

On this form I always check the box and write a note that says they know the amount. Never had a problem until now amd they are saying it’s in my policy which I have asked to see. She said they need to make sure it’s in line with what they think I should be getting. Do I really have to provide my current amount? Seems to me they have right to say it’s so they can make I’m getting what I’m supposed to be getting. Obviously I am. I am waiting for my a copy of this in my policy.

I diligently sent in my increased amount and chased them up to ask why they hadn’t changed the deduction and turned out they didn’t care about any inflation increases. I would just send it in. Break out any child amounts.