LTD denied but CPP-D approved

I collected STD for about 4 months before they denied it. I filed for LTD and they denied that too. I was advised to commence a lawsuit (employer and insurance company) and apply for CCP-D, which I did. I have just been advised that my CPP-D has been approved. Will this help my lawsuit? What can I expect to see happen now? I am 58 and will not likely be able to work in any full-time capacity again. Any thoughts?

I’m not a lawyer but I think getting CPP-D will help your lawsuit.
It is unfortunate you have to go the lawsuit route.
Good luck.

Thank you Jammer.
Yes, the stress of a lawsuit doesn’t help.

Have you tried the appeal process first. Your situation is very similar to what mine was last year. With the suggestions I received through this group I spent weeks putting together my appeal. I too was approved by CCPD but denied by LTD insurance. A few weeks after I submitted my appeal I received approved for my LTD and it was retroactive back to when it should of started.
Good luck.

Hi Ruth,
I tried appealing the denial of my STD, after they paid it for 3 months, by submitting my LTD forms with additional medical reports and information. They denied it all. It was very frustrating and upsetting. My doctor would not let me go back to work and advised me to apply for CCP-D. I contacted a lawyer who also advised applying for CCP-D while she commenced a lawsuit against the employer and insurance company. My lawyer said I do not have to deal with my employer or the insurance company anymore once the lawsuit was served. I have now been approved for CPP-D and will receive a cheque this month. I advised my lawyer of this approval. Not sure what will happen next. On the one hand, I would like to get LTD so that I continue to receive drug and medical benefits, which I need. On the other hand, that means LTD may continue to harass me every month for updates and reports. CPP-D does not require any updates or “reporting” to them at all. This has been going on since Jan. 2018. It’s been a rough year with very little income so far.

Thanks for replying to me.

There are also EI sick benefits you can apply for.

Thank you Elaine. Yes, I did collect EI sick benefits and it was a “fight” getting the ROE from my employer for it.

Thank for replying.

Also if you are in Ontario you can apply for ODSP. They will pay for your accomodation, food, medications and so on. I am pretty sure they have similar programs in other provinces.

I am in Ontario. I didn’t know about that. I don’t know if I can apply for ODSP now that I’ve been approved for CPP-D.

It is actually even easier to apply for ODSP with approved CPPD. You won’t need to go through the whole process. You should apply. But there are certain conditions.

Thanks, I’ll look into it. The lawsuit probably won’t end until next spring and the CPP-D money is not going to be enough.

No problem. ODSP is your best option then.

Did Ltd give you a reason as to why you were denied? This seems odd to me usually it goes STD to LTD, then after a year or so your obligated to apply for CPP-D.Yes I would definitely look into this matter , was it turned down because of some reason, they have to let you know by law…Your best bet is to team up with your Dr and figure out what he wrote on forms first off Stay away from lawyers as long as you can they can get costly…Totally up to you.One says yes one says no hmmm Start. Calling and get copies answers your entitled to them have a friend call if your not good at communicating…Let me no how it goes…Ya 58 not much working life left and they have to give you a hard time hmmm.G.L

Thanks for your email.

STD and LTD were denied for the same reason*. “Information we have does not confirm that your health prevents you from performing your own occupation”. * My employer and insurance company do not believe I am sick even though my doctor and now CCP-D, say otherwise. Yes, I think they are playing hard-ball and are trying to force me out. I am alone, no kids or partner. Navigating my health issues, Graves’ disease, Graves’ eye disease, Thyroid Cancer and Liver Disease, not to mention the mental stress of dealing with it all, left me with no alternative but to get a lawyer involved to advocate for me. I just can’t deal with all the crap. I know when I’m getting screwed. I guess they thought I would just quit and walk away when I was denied. They guessed wrong!

I appreciate you support and taking the time to comment.


The person I spoke to with Service Canada for CPP-D told me that CPP-D is often far stricter with criteria for approval than most LTD providers, so I think having CPP-D is definitely a positive when suing an insurer. Hiring a lawyer through David’s recommendation was one of the beat things I have done for my situation in the past couple of years. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the encouragement.
I’ve heard that too. My CCP-D was approved on first try. It included much of the same stuff that the LTD insurer was provided.

Thank you for all the support from everyone.