Do I have to apply for LTD if I don’t need it?

I have been on paid STD with my employer for the maximum of 90 days where day 91 and beyond it switches over to LTD with RBC insurance (I paid 100% of the premiums). My illness should be stabilized by the end of July at the latest August with the ability to return to work fulltime without accommodations or issues. FYI I work in Alberta but am a BC resident, I have been with my employer for 10 years. My question is do I HAVE to apply for LTD and go through all that heartache and BS with insurance if I’m financially ok to live for the 1-2 months without a paycheque? I am on disability medical leave can I just stay on it as unpaid leave protecting my job?

You don’t have to, but, you might want to. If you end up off for longer than expected, it can take some time to get through the approval process and you might need the money by then. You might find you are in and out of work like I was. And there are deadlines to apply. Also with such a short period you are expecting to be off, they probably won’t examine it too closely since it would cost them more to fight it than to pay it.

Maybe, if your employer approves your leave.
I would ask HR.

Apply. Can’t hurt just in case

You never know what will happen to your job in those 2 month. They can lay off people. Your LTD is separate from your job. You can keep your LTD even if you lose your job. And are you sure you will make a full recovery in 2 month?