Lead Up to the Change of Definition LTD

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I have a 3 year own occupation (not your standard 2 years) with my insurer. At the 1 year mark they asked me to apply for CPPD which I did on my own and got approved on my initial application, I have also been approved for DTC as well now. After I got approved for CPPD (which was at the 1.5 year mark of LTD) I noticed a huge shift from my LTD insurer, no longer was I getting those pesky stressful update monthly calls. It was recently a 6 month gap from the last time I heard from the insurer and it was a quick call with basic information exchanged that I am still not doing well. I just started my 3rd year of my own occupation, if I don’t hear too much from them this year can I assume at the change of definition they won’t create too much of a fuss? I have the full support of my psychiatrist, psychologist and GP who do not recommend any return to work. I work in a large union work environment and have a supportive employer who assisted me with some documents I needed for my CPPD and let the employer know I have been approved for CPPD as well. We 1000 plus employees pay our own LTD premiums and the monthly premiums must be at least $300,000 a month so times that by 12 that is a lot of money the insurer collects. Can I assume they probably don’t want to get on the wrong side of the employer and keep the lucrative contract. Since approved for CPPD my LTD monthly payment has been cut in half as well so their monthly financial obligation has gone down drastically as well. Can I please have some input from the people who have been approved for CPPD and the lead up to your change of definition and what I can probably expect given the information I provided and your experience as well to the lead up to the change of definition.

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You can expect to receive some forms asking you about current medical condition and also some forms asking you about training, education and types of work that you did in the past and might be suitable for in the future. CPPD is not directly considered but it should help with your credibility. David did a webcast a few months ago about how to fill out the types of forms people get. Have a watch of that if you can find it. Basically I would anticipate a bit of a process that you have to complete, but that the end result for your type and level of disability will be the same.

I think that makes the most difference.
I just get a yearly update form.

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