Change in Definition

If you have a 3 year own occupation and you have received a letter in the mail from SunLife 1 year prior to the change of definition that they have looked at my case and my benefits will continue past the change of definition. Can I assume my case (mental health issues) has been deemed serious by SunLife and their internal doctor has signed off on it? My psychiatrist, psychologist and GP were not asked to provide any medical updates prior to the letter from SunLife nor did they ask for any education information or any resume from me. I have been accepted for CPPD and the DTC as well. Can I assume based on the approval past of definition 1 year in advance that I may only have to submit the annual yearly update going forward. After my CPPD approval my updates changed to a brief every 6 month update.
Thank you.

Probably but no guarantee.
Getting CPPD is significant for them IMO.
Worst case is they ask for 6 month updates for a while but I don’t think they will past the change of definition.
I just get a yearly “are you still alive” update form. :slight_smile:

Hi Jammer … is the yearly update form to be filled out by just your, or by you and your doctor?

Just me.
I answer a few non medical questions.
My condition is physical and is progressive.

Maybe they think your mental health will improve.
Eventually I’d hope they stop asking.
Maybe your doctor needs to say that you’re unlikely to improve and requesting medical updates every 6 months is causing you not to get better.

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“worsening your condition” is ok but saying that the requests are causing you to not get better implies that you would get better if they just stop asking…

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Good points both. Thank you.