Change in Definition Coming Up

Hi all,

My change in definition is coming up this year which is definitely the most stressful time when on a LTD claim. Luckily for me I got approved for CPPD and that resulted in a huge shift from the LTD insurer from updates that were every 6 weeks to every 6 months. I have the full support of my psychiatrist, psychologist and GP and also my employer. I work in a large union government organization. I received a letter in the mail from my big 3 insurer that states they have looked at my case and my benefits will continue past the change of definition. Absolutely no push back etc. Has this happened to others? I was expected to have to get all of my medical team involved. I really think getting CPPD on my initial application made a world of a difference. Do most people who go past the change of definition just have to fill out the yearly update form?

Yep I had an assessment at that point but the ways my illness affects me make it impossible to work. My frictions were more from my assigned case manager falling behind on her work…

We got notified my husband was approved for change of definition 9 months before it was even due! No pushback no questions, didn’t even know they were working on it. He was also approved for CPPD early.

Was a relief because we were super nervous. Now we never hear from them.

Yes I was pleasantly surprised as well. It’s hard enough being disabled. I know a lot of people have to keep fighting the LTD insurer. CPPD approval makes a huge difference. So do you hear from them once a year now?

This only happened in the last few months, but they passed us off to a new department who we haven’t heard from at all. I assume it’ll only be a yearly check in. Good luck!

Hi Azad, can I ask how you know they passed you to another dept? As well, do you mind sharing the other dept’s name? If not, that is okay.

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With the change of definition approval, our contact lady who had been handling his case said she would no longer be our contact and we were being passed over to the department that handles longer duration cases. The new guy eventually emailed us a few months later introducing himself and saying if we had any questions or concerns to let him know. And haven’t heard anything since.

This all happened in September, his change of date isn’t even until this coming April. He was approved for CPPD though, and has a pretty good case (major stroke). So I think they know he’s going to be a long-timer.

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I see, thank you Azad for responding with the answer. I am sorry your husband had a major stroke, wishing you both well.