Change of Definition Update

I have my 3 year own occupation change of definition coming up in early Dec 2023. At the 1 year mark of my LTD my insurer did ask me to apply for CPPD which I did and got approved on my initial application. After my CPPD approval I noticed my updates changed for every 6 months and no more dreaded phones calls. The updates were by email after CPPD approval. About 1 year before my change of definition which is in Dec 2023, I received a letter from my insurer telling me know they assessed my case and my benefits would continue past the change of definition. They did get an update from my psychiatrist in early June 2023 and now I am 3 months from the official change of definition. Should I be expecting them to ask for another update before the COD. I am hoping the June 2023 would be close enough to the COD but I guess the insurer is always unpredictable just wondering for the people who are past the COD when did they ask for the medical update when you were getting close to the COD?
Thank you.

They’ve already made the COD decision so you will be on whatever their minimal update timeline is. Once every 6 months to a year probably. Mostly just papering the file for diligence. I didn’t notice any changes in timeline of updates for my COD, it was just the one extra form asking about education and other jobs I’d had.

I was never asked for that.
They could have gotten it from my employer.
Maybe after getting CPPD they don’t ask.