Is email response from insurer admissible in court?

If you ask your insurer something via email and they respond via email, is the response admissible in court?
Eg. If you ask if something is deductible from ltd and they respond via email that it isn’t and then they do deduct it from ltd, is the email significant?
I’m thinking of withdrawing from my RRSP (I get CPP-D and LTD).

You can withdraw some from your RRSP. Yes an email is evidence in court.

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Yes, e-mails are admissible as evidence in a court case!

Jammer were you able to withdraw rrsp without it being deducted from your ltd payments?

It’s not employment income.

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I ONLY have emails from my insurer since I do not speak to them on the phone LOL they hate it when I pull up prior emails and remind them of what they said.
My lawyer supplied emails as evidence in my wrongful dismissal case documents so I’d say yes.

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