Income deducted from LTD (Investment Income & RRSP)

I’ve read a bit and seems as though RRSP may be deducted from LTD monthly payments. Does anyone know for sure and do they check our income tax? I would like to take some out for extra money and to move to a TFSA.

No RRSP income isn’t deducted (I guess the policy could specifically say they will, ask the insurance company).
Besides, your just moving it between tax sheltered investments, it is not really income.

Do a forum search for ‘RRSP’.
They don’t have access to our income taxes but you don’t want to hide things from them.
Investment income is ok too but I’d get the insurance company’s opinion.
Do you have your benefit booklet?
If not, get it from your employer.
It should say what they can deduct.

I hope my investments and RRSP and TFSA does not affect my LTD and CPP-D. I would be very annoyed if it did.

They definitely won’t affect your CPP-D.

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I am now wondering if my regular taxable investment will affect my LTD and/or my CPP-D.

I will do some investigation.

If it is not from working then I doubt it will.

I got a yearly bonus while I was on ltd so I asked my insurance company if it would be deducted.
They said it wasn’t.
Each policy is different and I don’t think it hurts to ask.

You are correct again. Every policy is different.

Thanks again for your input. Have a pleasant weekend.