Interaction of CPP Disability Benefits and Worksafe BC Benefits

I was injured almost 9 years ago and am currently on WorksafeB.C. Permanent disability. I would like to apply for CPP Disability at this time but I am not sure how this all coincides . Does CPP reduce my earnings …or does WorksafeB.C. take earnings away?
Thank You …

Worksafe can reduce your monthly Worksafe benefits by 50% of the monthly CPP benefit you receive. This will only happen if both the CPP Claim and the Worksafe claim are for the same medical condition or disability. Also, it only applies if you are receiving permanent disability benefits from worksafe.

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Thank You very much.

If i were born with only one hand and then after 4o = years of working injured the other arm and am now currently on WorksafeB.C. permanent disability, could i claim my missing left hand as a disability for CPP being that I am now more disabled then before?

Unlike Workers Compensation, CPP disability is not linked to specific injuries or body parts. To qualify for CPP you must meet the recent contributor requirement and show you have a severe and prolonged disability. To have such a disability you must show you lack the capacity to perform gainful employment on a regular basis.