Cppd retroactive pay & wcb

Will Worksafebc take monies from any Retroactive pay from CPPD ?


Given that injured workers continue to
receive loss of earnings benefits while
entitlement to CPPD is being determined and
legislation requires that Work
SafeNB reduce
benefits by CPPD, this may result in an
overpayment of WorkSafeNB loss of
earnings benefits. When injured workers
receive the retroactive payment from the
federal government department responsible
for administering the Canada Pension Plan,
the injured worker must repay WorkSafeNB
the full amount of the overpayment of loss of
earnings benefits.

Sounds like the answer is yes they do.

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Oops, just noticed that is NB.
I don’t know about BC.


The Board deducts applicable Canada Pension Plan (“CPP”) disability benefits
from a worker’s permanent disability award where the injury occurs on or after
June 30, 2002. Where a worker was injured before June 30, 2002 and the
permanent disability first occurred on or after June 30, 2002, CPP disability
benefits paid to the worker for the same injury will not be deducted from the
worker’s permanent disability award.

Seems they do in BC too.

Phone your worksafebc case manager and ask.

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