Did I apply for CPP-D too early?

I am thinking I just made a big mistake. My case worker had expressed to me casually a number of months ago that they will be wanting me to eventually apply for CCP-D. So what did I do I jumped on the band wagon - got the forms and they were sent in - mine in Feb and my Dr. in mid May of this year. But the insurance company did not actually send me an official letter stating I had to apply. So upon reading people’s responses I am thinking that was a big mistake and I should have waited until the 2 year mark which will be Feb 2018 or until I got a formal letter requesting that I do that. My case worker seemed surprised that I had already sent in the info and then proceeded to send me the consent forms. So that was also completed and sent back to them.
I will apparently hear about what is happening re: my CCP-D Application the end of July. I hope this does not become a problem for me. I just thought that it might help my cause to remain on LTD when they are deciding. They are already reviewing things and I was told they do this early before the actual deadline next Feb. I am really not in good shape but as I have also heard they can turn down legitament claims. I was waiting to get a lawyer upon hearing about whether I got approved for the CPP-D and DTC. Now I am feeling quite anxious. Any thoughts?

What consent forms from the insurance company?
I think it is good you applied for CPPD before being asked to.
What did you read that it is not a good idea?
Maybe it isn’t a good idea if you every think you’ll work again but if you can’t work again, I think it is a good idea.

The consent forms from the insurance co, was a package that they send everyone that basically gives them the okay to exchange medical info with CPP-D and to confirm (our policy) that they are able to be aware of what I would receive CPP-D if approved so they can reduce what they give me.I can’t remember the discussion at the forum but my concern was that if my CPP-D was approved before I know whether I am approved at the 2 year mark for a new definition of disability = unable to do any job that they could take my lump sum CPP-D and stop my funding at the two year mark if they wanted to act in bad faith. I don’t want to jinx anything but the way I am feeling, my prognosis and medical reports I would be surprised if I was not approved for both CPP-D and DTC however David mentioned that legitimate cases are sometimes turned down.

You didn’t do anything wrong. Getting CPP-D will benefit you in the long run. Read David’s article on this. If they decide to cut you off they’ll do it no matter what.

Thanks Elaine and Jammer.

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You didn’t do anything wrong. If your doctors agree you don’t have the capacity to work, and don’t expect you to recover any time soon (if at all), then there is no problem. The only issue with applying for CPP early is that doctors are often still trying out treatments, etc and won’t say that you are expected to be disabled long-term.

I am not a big fan of people singing consent forms allowing the insurance company to have direct contact with Service Canada / CPPD. Better for you to remain as the middle man between those two.

David Brannen

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Thanks David
A brief Hx: I now have chronic systemic sarcoidosis which is in my heart, lungs and lymph/abdomen and my symptoms are worsening - my medical team is seeing me every 8-12 weeks vs 5 to 7 months. I have been treated since the fall of 2014 and was working (sick thinking things would improve) until Feb 2016. Even my Optometrist is now seeing me every 3 months to keep an eye on things because the Ophthalmologist (Sarcoid specialist re: eyes) believes that I most likely have sarcoid sub clinically in my eyes and they found a healed sarcoid nodule in my left eye. Unknown cause and cure re: disease.
My Family Dr. reported that my current prognosis is poor to guarded and I have been non-responsive to the normal treatment. Not so good. The general prognosis for cardiac sarcoidosis is about 60% survival in 5 years. (worse if you also have it in your lungs which I do) Only about 5% of Sarcoid patients have it in their heart - deemed rare. My current situation has been conveyed to CPP-D and DTC. Manulife has also been informed of the worsening of symptoms and need for increase in meds and monitoring. They are all aware this is not short term. I also have HOOP pension insurance that covers contributions while I am off sick and it is unheard of for them to give two years (usually one year) for a review but in my case this is what they did - Sept 30, 2018 and if further approved, they will cover me until age 65. Pet scan says it all. I would actually love to be back working at my career and private practice but here I am. This is all new to me and I just want to make sure I am doing the right thing, Single with no other income.
Re: consent - I did not feel I had much choice with this via Manulife. I think they have a set package they send out to everyone and highlight what they want you to sign. Re: CPP-D: They want to know the amount I will be granted so they can reduce my current amount = 60% of my income. My 2 year mark is Feb 18, 2018. So I hope things will be okay. I was told to contact CPP in about 2 weeks time to see how long I will have to wait. My application went in on Feb 15, 2017 and my Docs on May 19, 2017. May 31st would have been the last extension offered. So we will see.

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