Income received on Dec 31, 2020 for Jan 2021 - Report in CRA 2020 Tax filing?

As a Canadian resident, I received Social security disability income for 2020.
I received payment due for Jan 2021 on Dec 31, 2020 via direct deposit.
Typical payments are 3rd of the month and if 3rd or the previous days of the month are holidays/weekends, then payment is made on the previous day. So, Jan 3, 2021 payment was made on Dec 31, 2020 as Jan 1-3, 2021 were holidays. So, there were 13 payments in 2020 (one payment every month and two payments in Dec 2020).

Unfortunately, SSA-1042s is missing which would have showed the total income for 2020. Have been trying to get through SSA to inquire about this. But the wait times are too long and call gets disconnected before speaking to a real person.

While I try that route to confirm with SSA, I wish to ask in the forum if I should include Dec 31, 2020 payment (slated for Jan 2021) in 2020 Income for CRA 2020 tax filing.

Please share your thoughts on this.

Thanks very much.

I don’t know anything about US programs.
Aren’t there T receipts for this?
My wild guess is it goes on the 2021 taxes.

Thanks Jammer for response.

I was able to successfully call SSA today and confirm the total for 2020 mentioned in T receipt (SSA-1042s). It did not include the payment made on Dec 31, 2020 for Jan 3, 2021 as you have guessed,