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I would like some information and insight on my situation please. I have been on LTD for 16 months. I receive CCPD and LTD from Manulife. My condition is degenerative and my only option in the future is a surgery, which I was told would not correct my problem but possibly prevent it from deteriorating further. My GP told me that I should wait and only take that route as a last resort as there are no guarantees. (I have spinal narrowing affecting root nerves and significant degenerative disc disease). I have been coping by changing positions constantly, pain meds, and due to covid, I was unable to go to any sort of therapy. Suffice it to say, I cannot go back to my job as it required me to stand all day. Last year I was advised to apply for the spousal allowance as we are low income earners, and I fit the criteria (my husband is on Pension). I was approved and started receiving a payments (which I can only assume now is the Allowance) . Following my birthday in July, I received a payment from the Government of CANADA. I got no statement or warning and I thought it had something to do with COVID. This month I received the exact same amount again. My question is, do I have to report this to LTD as income? and CPPD? (I did not apply for early CPP). I tried going into the CRA website but I cannot find where, and what agency is paying me this. All it says in my direct deposit is Government of Canada. How can I find out if this is in fact the Allowance I had applied for? I read that many CRA accounts were hacked online so they were frozen. And, do I need to forfeit this amount to my LTD insurer? I am very confused. Thanks in advance for your input.

Looks like the website is available again so you should be able to log in and check what the payment was.

Or even better would be to call and speak directly to a live agent. That’s what I would do.

I was on there today and could find nothing!

CPP and OAS are paid through Service Canada not Canada Revenue Agency.
If you have a CRA account you can link to the Service Canada website once signed into your CRA acct.
You can also call Service Canada to enquire about these payments.
CRA does not provide monthly income from any source except related monies to COVID which you have to apply for and would show in your CRA account.

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Yes…thanks everyone, although the links are still not working between the two , I was able to get in. I would like to hear back from someone who might know if these payments have to be reported to my my LTD insurer?

They might be from the CRA, gst rebate (or trillium if you are in Ontario).
They are not employment income so don’t report it to the insurance company.
I am not a lawyer though.
Maybe @David_Brannen will comment? :slight_smile:

Hi Jammer. They are categorized as OAS . I was able to see this on the list of monthly deposits for myself. It is.a spousal allowance not GST.

Thanks Jammer! It would be good to hear from David Brenner. I suppose I should mention that I am in B.C.

You will need to check the list of deductible offsets in your LTD policy. OAS is probably not an offset but David’s advice has been to overcommunicate with your LTD insurer to maintain your credibility.

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I agree.
It’s a simple question.

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Yes, you should report them to your insurer. Unclear if they have a right to offset them, it would depend on the wording of your policy. There may be no offset or only a partial offset.

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I’d say for sure yes, tell Manulife. I’m with them as well and they will most likely deduct it but it’s possible they won’t either but I wouldn’t want to pay it back when they do decide. Better to be up front and get email confirmation so you have proof of what they told you. :slight_smile:

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