One time payment

Has anyone heard about a one time payment from the government for people with a disability

Eligible clients will start receiving payments on October 30, 2020 .

Details here:

How do I know if I have a valid disability tax credit certificate

You have to apply for the Disability Tax Credit.

Here is the link…

If your application is accepted, they send you a letter and the Benefits and Credits section of the my CRA website will list the years you were approved for.

Or be in receipt of CPP Disability benefits.

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I was replying to Eddie1888’s question, “How do I know if I have a valid disability tax credit certificate?”

If you get this one time payment do you have to notify Long term disability of money received. This is Not a taxable money as per government web site.

Did you file one with CRA? If it is still valid in last taxation year, it probably still is.

My $600 payment just went into my bank account. Check your bank accounts!

I didn’t get mine but I just got approved a couple weeks ago.

Received my payment today $600 on CPP

No, it is not employment income.

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