IME appointments/told medical evidence not sufficient still


Insurance has denied appeals.Workplace has a joint committee with them for resolution. Two IME appointments ordered - physiatry and psychiatric. Any experience with these? Concerns? Thoughts? Suggestions? Thanks!


I would google the IME doctors and see what other people think of them.


Ask for any intake forms prior to any appts. with a provider-Don’t sign a waiver
Politely make it clear that you personally are to receive any reports at the same time they are released to your Insurer (offer to pay for photo-copying)
Ask now for a full and complete copy of your claim file
Ask your Insurer for a complete copy of the terms and agreement for referral sent to each provider
Never go to any appt. alone

(My humble opinion–secretly record the appts. that way you can make accurate notes. Also avoids a he said-she said situation. Likely you will be doing psych tests)

If you are unionized a lawyer may not be an option but worth a free opinion to see your options.

Make sure the delays in seeing IME are not be used to drag out the process to make you lose statute of limitations)
Really-this is likely a good time to get a lawyer–the IME may likely being used to stack a further denial and lower their litigation risk. If you get a lawyer-do not record the meetings-let the lawyer advise you.