My insurer assign me to visit a 2 hours assessment with Psychiatrist

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My change of definition is coming up soon, the insurer assigned me to visit an independent Psychiatrist for a 2 hours assessment, I’m wondering what should i do to get myself prepared and aware of ?

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Search this forum for IME (Independent Medical Exam). There are many threads on this topic.

Here’s one thread to get you started.

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Just some points to give you an idea of what to expect.
1- the person who you are to have the session with is only hired by the insurance company because they are biased towards the insurance companies interest.
2- You will be walking into an inhospitable environment.
3- to prepare you want to be in you normal low end condition, this is not the time for one of your better days.

  • lack of sleep, over exertion of physical activity and low end of personal grooming may be something to concider
    4- do not sugar coat anything… if anything go the other way when discussing issues
    5- have a witness to record the times in and out of the office.
    6- not sure about legality of recording the session but it will give you an opportunity to refute any disagreements with the report afterwards (and there will be disagreements)

Don’t go in angry as you loose focus


I ask them straight up before the session starts, can you be completely objective as an IME?

Mention that you will be very honest about your condition.

Look at the code of ethics for Psychiatrists in Canada.

Make your own notes. (Maybe after session on the session.)

Have a copy of your own reports, be familiar with all statements you made before.

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Please make sure your family doctor is aware of all that is going on. They obviously have doctors that are in the insurance companies back pockets.
Be very weary!!! Make sure to take notes or ask to record the session for your own records. I guarantee they will tell your insurance company all kinds of lies and nonsense that you didn’t even say. It has happened to me. Do not let them screw you over. Just remember they need a medical doctor to say that you are able to return to work. They will do their best to cut you off after 2 yrs. ask them to provide something from a doctor that states you can return to work if they do this. I had doctors reports that said I couldn’t and they tried to cut me off. Even their own INE doctor said I couldn’t not work until this was resolved and they still tried to cut me off. Most people won’t challenge them and that’s what they are hoping for. Don’t give up!!!

You can also request shorter visits depending on your condition. If you can only handle 30mind a time tell them, they must accommodate you!

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I went through this recently. The interview lasted for a little more than 2 hours. I filled up questionnaires and answered the psychiatrist’s questions honestly, but not naively. I did a lot of reading here and also watched Youtube vids of people’s experiences just to know what to expect. I have been dealing with complicated grief, depression, anxiety and I didn’t need to lie about anything because the psychiatrist can see through me I am sure. I got his report recently (I had to fight for it and got it through my GP) and the IME Psychiatrist agreed that I am not well enough to go back to work after 2 years on LTD. He also made suggestions to help my situation.

But of course the insurance company still sent a rehab specialist and I am dealing with this rehab specialist and their occupational therapist right now.

The stress never ends. I hope I wake up one day and be completely healed and ready to go back to work, instead of dealing with the insurance company.

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I had an independent IME assigned to me 2 months before my 2 year mark. I was a wreck worrying about it but in the end it did not work in the insurance company favor at all. I was honest with my limitations and I was very emotional. By the end, he said it was clear both that I had complex ptsd but also that because I am intelligent, eloquent and professional, they didn’t believe that I could possibly be as bad as I was saying. He knew enough about C-Ptsd to know this is a familiar coping mechanism & since then I’ve been approved for CPP-Disability as well. My psychiatrist was clear that DTC wouldn’t be worth applying for as the criteria is even more involved and I wouldn’t qualify for it.

Eligibility for DCT is based on the effects of impairment, not on the medical condition itself. If your illness has severely impaired your ability to perform the mental functions necessary for daily living then you absolutely should be applying for the DCT! Also look at your CPP application did your doctor say a return to work or modified or that your disabled indefinitely?

All my psychiatrist said was basically I’m effd up and doesn’t expect I’ll work in the capacity I did ever again but would not be able to give me the paperwork required for DTC. He was VERY supportive of my CPP-D according to what the govt said. I was a 100k+ earner before my breakdown

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That makes sense to me.
I think CPP-D takes into consideration your education and earning capacity and the DTC is more strict about functioning in life,

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I think that too. Even with Ltd, how could I be expected to make 70% of my income (my plan threshold) in a lower position with the kind of responsibility and education in my field that I have.