Their doctor for evaluation

They are sending me for an evaluation by their psychiatrist. Any tips?



If you can, find out who it is and do a search on them. Typically they are hired guns (they would not be used if they didn’t give the insurance company what they wanted)
Do nt hold anything back. May seem like exaggerating but anything else is minimized.
Go into the appointment in your typical worn out state. First impressions are used as the fact that you are probably going to be videotaped going to and from the appointment. Not a good day to take a lot of pain pills and then play hopscotch or skip rope with the kids on the street.

Be truthful and don’t hold anything back.

It is one of the last hurdles for you.


Thanks guys. I really appreciate this. They have not yet called about the date, time, doctor and so on.

I was thinking of taking a lawyer with me. I know it’s costs money but I am way too ill to return to work at present.

I don’t think taking a lawyer would be useful (it is overkill).
Take someone with you.

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I placed a call to RL for advice.

Be truthful 100% but might want to not sleep the night before.

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They called yesterday. Many years ago I was misdiagnosed by the doctor they were sending me to. I told them this in a polite way. She will let my case worker know.

I am still waiting for someone to call me from RL. I placed my request over a week ago.

I am taking deep breaths.

Do you mean your doctor diagnosed you with something different than their doctor?

No. What I mean long ago I saw this same doctor for a different issue he misdiagnosed me back then I filed a complaint against him but the College dismissed it.

Now the same doctor is working for my insurance.

Well that is a huge conflict. It would be traumatizing to have to be examined by this Doctor again. You have definite grounds that are fully understandable to not be examined by this Doctor.

I don’t see how your Insurer could justify a need that this Doctor be retained for an IME.

You should secretly record any IME if you are not legally represented so you can make accurate notes of what was said and what occurred for your records.

Before you go to any IME ask for copies of any and all documents that are being sent to the Doctor and copies of any intake forms that the Doctor would have you fill out prior. Request with proof of receipt. Include a request that a copy of the IME report be sent to you at the same time it is released to your Insurer and offer to pay for photo-copying.

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Thank you “allyoops”. You always give us excellent advice.

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Thanks. Before you go you could send your request to your Insurer like this:

Thank-you for scheduling the appointment with Dr. X.

Prior to the appointment please copy and send me any and all information that you are sending to Dr. X.

If there are any intake forms or questionnaires that Dr. X requires that I fill out prior to the appointment please forward to me before the appointment. I am willing to pick up at his office in advance if this is easier.

It is important to me and my privacy rights that Dr. X will release the report to me at the same time he is sending it to you. I will pay for reasonable copying and postage. Or I can pick up at Dr. X’s office.

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Thank you very much allyoops. I appreciate all your help. :smile:

If my insurer cuts me off my LTD do I still receive CPP-D? I know they are separate. Can someone please clarify this.

What if I get cut off and I decide not to sue do I still get CPP-D?

Thank you very much.

I just read the following link again so I guess I have my answer.

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CPP-D will continue. If your Insurer cuts you off—please sue them

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I am very ill. All this is taking a lot out of me plus I have a very difficult time finding good doctors. All this is why the Compulsory Medical Exam.

If this were the U.S. my lawyers would send a videographer to record the whole exam. We need to start doing that here.

They are sending me to a doc whose office is two hours way from my big city. Is this unreasonable?

I will contact RL again and get more advice.

Unless they know you have a fear of travel or a medical condition that would be difficult to travel for 4 hours there and back, it is not that unreasonable. They should pay for mileage expenses and any parking costs. Check with RL.

How long is the exam? Is there psychological testing that is expected?

Hopefully you have someone that can travel with you. Please ask for them to email or send any required intake forms from Dr. X to you prior to the appointment. You don’t want to be caught off guard with any concerns with forms if the Dr. requires.

Please take a deep breath and maybe look up some youtube videos on mindfulness or stress reduction.
Go into the appointment cooperative and with the expectation that the Dr. may be helpful.

Review your medical history and make a list of medications both on and past meds that may have been less effective. Make a list of your symptoms and any objective testing or opinions before going. If your medication list is long then write out for the Doctor. You can get a copy of your meds also from your pharmacy for the past several years.

Make sure you see your psychologist and/or GP shortly after the appt.

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