If do not apply cpp as insurance company required

Looking through the topics in this Forum, I understand some reasons and benefit to apply CPP-D as insurance company required. And also know that the company can cut the amount of money assuming I am approved if I do not apply. However, Can the insurance company asks me to return the money that they paid before as this money is the lump sum that he can get from CPP if I am approved?
The other question. Can I apply CPP myself later if I do not apply as required right away and stop the contract between the insurance company and me?
Thanks! The deadline of application is coming. Any quick respond are really appreciated!

Yep they can and they will.

You/'ll still owe the insurance company the back payment for the time they paid you and you were eligible for CPP-D.
They might not find out though but it sounds like fraud so I wouldn’t do it.
Would you be denied CPP-D for applying so late (rhetorical), I have no idea.

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There’s also a deadline for applying for CPP so you can’t wait forever. There’s no advantage to you in delaying.

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Thank you Jammer and Caro. It looks like I have to apply CPP even though I do not like the paper work and checking frequently by CPP.

What do you mean?
The anxiety of waiting for a decision?
Once approved, I don’t think they check up very often (maybe in suspected fraud, I don’t know).

Good luck.

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CPP checked my tax slips to see if I had earned more than the allowed annual maximum from working while on CPPD. They have not asked me for any medical updates yet and it’s been a few years.

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Yup. Just got 24k.the ins co want pretty much all of it since… As I understand it… They would not have have paid the full amount over that time if I’d been getting Cpp-d all along

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I have no experience on CPP. But there were so noisy when I applied and got EI before. Hope CPP is better and no checking frequently.

Hi Matt welcome to the forum.

Simply put you are FORCED to apply for CPP-D because LTD and CPP-D are tied together.

If you do not apply for CPP-D you will be penalized when turn age sixty five and try to collect regular CPP. You will receive less CPP then because the Government will say you were not working. Do you follow?
If you apply and get CPP-D the Government will say you are still working and you will get the full amount of regular CPP when you retire. That was how it was explained to me.

I forgot about this, good point.
CPP is based on the years earning.
If you get CPP-D then each year on CPP-D does NOT count as $0 income when calculating CPP.
Otherwise each year of no income reduces the amount of CPP you will get.
If you’re close to 65, it won’t matter much.