How long does a reconsideration take

We got our denial letter and spoke with my husbands doctor and we are about to send in our reconsideration.

How long does it normally take to hear back from a reconsideration?

It depends on each case. Some people on the forum received an approval within 4 month, some waited for 1 year. Service Canada sent me another denial letter in 7 month.

We’ve already waited over 300 days. We can’t wait a year!!! This just makes my want to cry. How can they treat people like this. They don’t care about anyone.

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My husband gets no other benefits. He can’t work in any way not even part time. We can’t hold on for even another 6 months.

We now have to sell our house. They just don’t care and destroy people’s lives.

Reading over the adjudicators decision she didn’t even read what was in the reports. And now because of this we have to sell the house we worked so hard for.

This is what these disgusting people do to people in need

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Are there any other disability benefits that you can apply? I know there are many other benefits in Ontario that you can apply if you get sick.

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You need to call Service Canada so they can tell you the reason of the delay. Also you can file a complaint with them.

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We did all this. We got our denial. It took 300 days for the denial. There was no reason why it took so long. Just they “had not looked at it yet”. We can tell from the denial that the person reviewing it didn’t even spend any time looking at it. They took one thing twisted it the way they wanted and denied. Even though other comments madE by our doctor and by us in our application show how they “interpreted” the answer to on question was wrong.

And now we are supposed to wait months longer for a reconsideration? We can’t. We are going to lose our house. We’ve waited way too long already. The 300 days we had to wait has killed us financiallly. And no there are no other benefits we can get. ODSP is basically just welfare. There is no way he can work. We are now forced to sell our home and mover.

I hate hate hate these adjudicators. They don’t give a crap what they are doing to people’s lives. They are disgusting human beings.

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My husband actually said to me that it would have been better if he had just died instead of only being disabled . Then we wouldn’t have to fight.

This is what these disgusting people at cpp do to people.

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Sorry to hear that.

They did the same to me. I waited 7 month for both the initial application and reconsideration to be denied. And both had stupid reasons for denial. They didn’t even look into 500 pages of my medical records and years of treatment.

A lot of people on this forum have got their reconsideration approved within two weeks by just proving that those reasons for denial are wrong.

As for me I hired Resolute Legal and they helped me to settle my case before the Tribunal Hearing. Maybe you need a good lawyer as well.

Can you apply for ODSP?

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No my husband will not qualify for ODSP because I work.

There is no point in us hiring a lawyer. It’s already too late. We can’t keep going like this for months longer.

My husband and I have no choice. If we don’t hear back by 2 months from now that they have approved him we must sell the house we live in.

That’s what these people have done to us.


Unfortunately that’s the reality of life. You have to be healthy and productive to live a normal life. A lot of disabled people on this forum struggle financially. Some of them even live on the street. Me too I had to give up everything because of my health problems for the last 10 years. My former therapist graduated from Harvard and had a very successful practice. One day she had a concussion and cannot work anymore. So she had to give up all her practice. Unless you have a mega great insurance that covers all your loses then the only thing we can do is to learn to live with it.