Holistic treatment up for question

I have been diagnosed with Bipolar one and PTSD. So far I have had the total support of my Doctors and therapists for following a Holistic course of treatment.

I am past my 2yr mark with my insurance company, but suddenly they are pushing me to take Pharmaceuticals, which none of my care providers currently recommend (I have tried in the past and had some traumatizing reactions which have left me with a phobia of Pharma)…I admit I have been told I am exceptional in this course of treatment, a Psychiatrist once told me I was a bit of a miracle and insisted I stay on the Holistic treatment path rather than take meds, as she felt taking meds would only make my condition worse.

At this stage, I am not well enough to return to work, and am receiving regular therapy on a month to month basis along with a rigorous health regime of herbal supplements and relaxation techniques such as Yoga and Sound therapy.

I have been told by a lawyer that so long as my Doctors and therapist support my treatment path, I shouldn’t have any troubles long term…as I am pursuing treatment in a reasonable way that is supported, I am a bit worried however, and wonder if anyone else here follows a similar path that I do, and if so, how have things worked out with the insurer.

Any insights would be greatly appreciated.
Much Peace.