Help or feedback on my situation please-need to act tomorrow!


quick synopsis-addiction and mental health counsellor- hit my 2 year mark december 2015-off again 2016. Mental health-mixed manic episodes, psychotic features-and PTSD(throw way the labels, it is all stress and trauma. been hounded by insurance, I start decompensating etc-any medical appointment etc. I get combatitive when I feel like things are closing in on me-I started sleeping and getting better-until they started pestering me.I was cut off yesterday because I was ‘resistant’-I asked for a week between the second and the third assessments so I could recover. I am fighting the same industry- been on both sides of the desk. They pushed for me to go back to work. I complained about the blackouts/memory imairement-97th percentile for memory-back to work I go-I started decompensating as soon as I started seeing the psychologist-kept my head above water to go back and have the exact same thing happen. There have been so many mistakes I am thinking of going to my reguating body and explaining what is going on -just in order to get more advocates in place. I have been ring fencing myself with supportive people and family to get through the psychosis. Whole life feels like it is heading towards dependence on faceless beurocrats that wouldn’t piss on a baby at work if it was burning-I get a bit frustrated…I am going to my MLA, I am going to start talking to everybody I know. Most people are ashamed of this-I have seen the deterioration of services as the one most notable change since AADAC became AHS. AADAC felt like it cared about it’s staff and clients. AHS only cares about avoiding responsibility-services are horrible-all my coworkers have been or are coming again to disability land-I cant even get into some therapists office because too many co-workers are already their patients


too messed up to say their are so many contributing factors-I cant wait for them to sort it out -I have to just get as far away from this place as possible so I can think


Hope you got some sleep. Hang in there. I am not sure what advice you are looking for, but with psychosis and mental health it is often a symptom to be resistant to medical treatment. Maybe have your Doctor write a letter explaining that.


Never mind got through to the advocates I needed to keep insurance from kicking me off. Thank you


Please let me know if you have a specific question? If you need breaks between assessments then get a note from your doctor to say this. The insurance won’t rely only on you for this, you would need to have a doctor saying this was necessary. Generally speaking, I don’t recommend getting MLAs office’s involved as that is often counter productive. Some MLA offices will have staffers who can offer genuine help in terms of pointing you in the right direction, but we have seen situations where they really can cause more problems from not really knowing what they are doing and giving poor advice.

It sounds like you have found help and I hope you can get this sorted out.


Thank you David for your reply. A good thing to remember is not to corner a person with PTSD unless their are exits-it’s instinct. I am a professional in the field and the treatment is unjust. I am through their hoops and the outcome is certain regardless of who is involved. It is potentially too explosive to the current government. I will never work in a traditional job again. Have a good day!


I have soeted it and thank you for this invaluable website. It put a piece or two together. I am a social woeker and have seen this time and again with my clients and had to advocate for them. The MLA had a very knowledgeable staffer who has a family mber suffering from Bipolar. I have been called that ADHD, Borderline BPD all of them or enough. Every dictor and assesor has assessed me as unable to work. I called my regulatory body. Went into hospital to get another psychiatrist instead of another GWL one. This is endemic their are at least 5 people on my unit dealing with the same thing. Once you get to the point that you know it is work-money doesn’t matter. I am not afraid anymore and it is open and shut with all the pieces on the table. I also called my abilities liason at work and reported. The MLA’S office can help-just a call from them sets any government agency personnel to essentially shit their pants. Thanks for everything and I know you will pass that along whwre and when it is appropriate. Private sector probably doesnt work. Thanks for this again!!! Peace.