Getting awarded CPP-D then after Insurer starts playing hardball

Recently a friend was awarded CPP-D. She has been on LTD for over 8 years -no issues. As she pays cpp on her LTD she was able to meet the qualification date.

Now that she has CPP-D her payments from GWL are only 400 a month and now they are starting to play hardball. Asking for multiple forms, withholding payments, asking about previous work experience.

I also notice that many people complain at being determined not disabled under the any occupation stage around 6 months after they get the CPP-D.

Is this a strategy as since the amount owed is less that an insured maybe less likely to litigate?

CPP-D income is from Service Canada.

Are you asking if since the LTD (insurer) amount owed is less than what is paid by CPP-D (Service Canada) there is a less chance of being cut off?

I hope it is not that simple since my LTD is much more than my CPP-D?
Maybe it also depends on how big a company a person worked for and how much in premiums the insurer gets from other employees.
Whatever happens, happens.

I agree with you, there could be tendency to try and get her off the claim since financial liability is not big any longer but it is still an open claim and they would likely rather see it as closed file going forward. I am surprised though that they let her/him stay for 8 years and not ask to apply earlier for CPPD. They are money grabbers in many cases, the only explanation to that could be someone dropped the ball and they never followed up on that.
Jammer you misunderstood her question.

I have often wondered this myself. I am not sure there is any link as you suggest. I see people’s claims get reviewed after years, often for no apparent reason. I suspect it is just because of changes in management, internal audits at the insurance co, etc. I guess it could be possible that low payment amounts could be such a trigger for internal review. Only speculation.

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