Forced to Switch from BC's PWD to Federal CPPD Yearly Bus Pass Revoked

The disability program British Columbia is great. They offer a number of benefits including a annual bus pass. This is such a great benefit and has been huge for my mobility around town.

After a year on the PWD program, they(the all holy Federal government/ edit 22/11/2018 it’s the provincial gov that made me switch) decided that I had made a substantial amount of payment to my CPP during my years of employment and forced their hand to make me switch to the CPPD program. They went as far as threatening to cancel all my benefits until I proved that I was pursuing the CPPD application.

Of course I was approved for the CPPD program, and luckily also approved for the DTC. Fantastic! After a few months, I received a letter saying nothing changes in regards to the benefits I get from PWD except for the monthly payment. Come a few more months down the road… I receive another letter that states that at the end of the year, I no longer will be eligible for the annual buss pass program. I just don’t understand this… it’s a huge benefit for people on disability… nothing has changed… It’s not like I’m magically not disabled in BC but only on a national level. I don’t get it. Anyone else go through this? Did you get your benefit back? Is it worth trying to fight this?

My guess is your income increased and you’re no longer low enough income to receive the bus pass.

PWD is a provincial program.
The BC government forced you to apply for CPP-D, not the feds.

Yes this is very unfortunate. This is the type of issue where you need to get political change at the provincial level. Jammer is correct these provincial programs all use a financial means test and the income from CPPD would be enough to make you ineligible for their programs as they currently stand.


I guess I was reaching out asking if anyone else has dealt with this and if it’s possible to pursue this. Could I write someone? Bring this to someones attention?

Has anyone else been put in this situation? What was your solution?

Should the Province be into federal business now?

I had a quick look into your issue.

At first glance it seems to me that now your circumstances changed a bit, you’ll just have to re-apply for the bus pass.

Details about the bus pass here:

That’s my first glance take on your siituation. I think you’ll just have to re-apply for the pass.

Hope this makes sense and helps you.


The province is just making you apply for any other benefits (from whatever source) so they can reduce what they have to pay.
They are acting like a private insurer does so that is expected.

Thank you Tammy,

This makes sense. My current benefits, when I log into the BC portal, it still says that the bus pass is part of my benefits…though, through the CPPD I make $150 more than PWD (though this is the amount I’d be saving for tax time if I hadn’t been approved for DTC) hence no financial benefits.

I popped into the BC services office downtown Vancouver and they also directed me to re-apply for the pass program.

Well, i’m crossing my fingers! This is a huge benefit for me.

I hope it works out for you Sebbe and I hope you won’t have to appeal. And your welcome.