Finally Approved after 8 months! Thank you David and the team

Continuing the discussion from 6 mths waiting… called today… not happy or should I be?:

I think I am still in shock. My “In Progress” turned to Complete. Under " Payment Information" there is the date 2019 and if I click on it my monthly disability amount and a separate lump sum payment is showing. I am so thankful for David, his blueprint, his staff and this forum as it kept me going. Knowing there were others approved and what to look out for made all the difference. I will say I did not call them back Jan 15th (would of been the third time) as was told during the second lengthy conversation I had with a agent to not rush them. It is unfortunate that this process is taking so long as I know it causes alot of anxiety, depression and just plain unwellness. I do believe one of the reasons I was approved without more medical information is I followed the blueprint and had lots of supporting evidence including a very well written medical letter explaining my conditions from my specialist. I hope this helps anyone who is reading. Keep the faith!


Awesome news, congrats.

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Thanks to people like you Jammer who support those who are looking for answers. Very thankful.


Congrats also. :grinning: