Fibromyalgia and Canada pension disability

Can you get Canada disability pension with fibromyalgia no medication works.

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Make sure there is documentation on the medications tried.
Good luck.

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Yes it’s all documented. But most recently I injured my shoulder at work
And I only work part time 2 days a week But my fatigue has worsened. And I could not do modified duties . Therefore my doctor put me off work bc of the fibro flare. Worker’s compensation only paid me 2 weeks
And said they don’t cover pre existing conditions due to injury at work.
So sick leave took over but that is only 15 weeks. I’ve been on and off work for this condition and have been refusing to let it take over. It’s been 3 yrs but was just diagnosed last September/2018. How can you be safe at work if you get injured worker’s compensation won’t cover fibro patients… no matter what I do or how I move I ache all over which limits my movement to proactively do my duties in addition to the fatigue. But their are days where I can slowly but no multi tasking. Other days I cannot do anything. How do you not get some sort of
Subsidy their is no way of working full time.

I sympathize.
I hope your CPPD application goes smoothly.

Yes, you can.

Start by getting David Brannen’s book “The Beginner’s Guide to CPP Disability: How to Request, Win, and Keep Your Benefits” on There is also a workbook there. This forum can also be helpful.

It will depend on how your condition affects you dining any kind of job not just your current one.

Be prepared that it will take a very long time when applying for cpp. It’s been over 200 days since all my husbands information was submitted and from the sound of the last phone call he made with them I don’t think they even looked at his application yet. If you include the time we spent getting all the information we needed and waiting for the doctors to fill out the report we will probably be at a year before we get a decision.

That’s a long period to wait once you have a chronic condition it doesn’t get better as time goes on. Waiting that long does not make sense . Have you inquired as to why the wait? Doing any job I guess depends on your condition and symptoms and if those symptoms are interfering with any sort of work duties because once you have a pre
Existing condition and you have a work injury good luck with workers
Compensation. So are you safe to work?

I’m talking about cpp. Not workers compensation. Workers compensation only helps for injuries that you got while working.

There is no reason for the delay. For months they’ve told us they have everything they need. It’s just taking cpp over 6 months to even read an application.

Keep waiting don’t give up maybe a lawyer can assist I’ve never
Heard of one waiting that long.

I had to wait for more than 7 months just to receive a denial letter from CPP office.

From what I’ve been hearing I think waiting over 6 months is normal now.

I have the same situation as u … I have gone through every step and denial for CPPD . Now I am at the tribunal stage and last kick at the can .If u are trying to get CPPD for fibromyalgia ,it will take lawyer involvement.So some people on here may say Yes to your question but from my continued experience it’s difficult and I am in my second year and now waiting for my tribunal case appointment …my advice get a lawyer involved .good luck .

I agree especially when others have got it. A lawyer is definitely
A must.

Try Resolute Legal. They helped me to win my CPP disability case. It was really great working with them.

8 Months now is normal. Shame how broken this system is.

@David_Brannen are there any stats on how many people apply and if there have been any cutbacks in how many people work in that department?
It’s gone from 4 months in 2017 to 8 months in 2019.

Jane - Your husband has been waiting a very long time. I think his application might be slightly different than others, and I wonder whether your previous posting/question about potential delays due to Service Canada’s enquiries regarding child benefits/custody isn’t the reason for the delay.

Your earlier posting noted he applied in April 2019. His medical report was submitted in May 2019. He received a questionnaire regarding his application for child benefits (for step children - your children) in mid July 2019. He then received a request from Service Canada in August for custody documents for his step children. You asked if that would impact/delay his application and David replied that it would. That was August 2019. It is now January 2020. Assuming Service Canada actually received the custody documents by September 2019, have they reviewed them? Is there an issue that is preventing them from even starting the medical adjudication process? Would they even tell you that - who knows???

Has your husband thought about requesting his CPPD file from Service Canada under the Privacy Act? That’s what I would think about doing at this point. I know that the delay in receiving a response from Service Canada has caused you considerable distress as your husband is not able to work and is not receiving any other financial benefits. Perhaps receiving the file will provide some clues as I don’t think they will tell you anything over the phone.

Hi Jammer - Are you talking about the length of time it takes to process applications for CPPD from the time Service Canada receives a complete application (application and medical report) to sending a decision back to the applicant? Are you talking about all kinds of applications (terminal conditions, grave conditions, standard CPPD applications)? Each one of these types of applications has a different service standard. Also, can you point us to the source of your statistic that shows 4 months in 2017 and 8 months in 2019? Your information is incredibly distressing to people who have currently applied for CPPD.

Likely you can do a request to Service Canada under the Freedom of Information Act and ask them to supplement the statistics you already have to show how many people worked in the department in 2017, 2018 and 2019 and how many applications it received, processed, approved and declined in each year and how long it took to “adjudicate” each type of claim. That would be very interesting.

Service Canada told me it takes 4 months when I applied back in 2017.
Someone wrote it takes 8 months now but that may just be their opinion.

My advice after fighting more than 3 years for cppd . I won my tribunal case because I have fibromyalgia .It was a very long battle with CPPD. I never used a lawyer ,I fought for this on my own , I read alot , I stayed motivated, I never gave up at any denial stage .please take my advice when I say that if u experience denial at every stage like I did ,stick with it and I recommend getting a lawyer because it is very difficult to get approval. Your health questions have too be answered specifically , a lawyer knows what CPPD is looking for …severe and prolonged is so important in the health questions .don’t half ass it or your denied …I am now just waiting too find out when payment begins…retro goes to LTD …If there is any advice I can leave anyone is please consult a lawyer if u are denied . If u plan on battling through to the end like I did ,do your homework .