Approved for my cppd

im so happy i,m approved for canada pension disability ,and still on nova scotia compinsassion ,i fell at work partially tearing my rotator cuff october 2 2017, had some therapy until late december 2017 with my doctor saying it was a bruised muscle,i was sent for a mri where they found the partial tear, then i was scheduled for surgery on feb 22 2018, snow storm caused surgeon to be stuck out of town rescheduling surgery for march 9 2018, was still going to therapy until surgery. after surgery i was told they didnt fix the tear due to the fact i was full of frozen shoulder that they removed instead of fixing tear. now they wont fix tear saying they will have to make it worse to fix it, since then i had 2 failed cortazone shots and 6 more shots to try to lubricate the shoulder and in total 156 sessions of therapy, i appliesd for canada pension disability june 14 2018, my canada pension disability was approved on march 7th 2019,the question im having is trying to understand my back time payment is for 13 months in total 11 months last year and 2 months this year,y 13 months? i thought they paid back til day u were hurt??? can anyone help me understand this??? please

Congratulations… That is good news… I also was approved last month (applied May 2018). If you look on the CPP disability website it states:" When to expect to start receiving disability benefits…If you are eligible under the terms of the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) legislation, your disability benefits (disability pension and post-retirement disability benefit) will start the fourth month after the month you are determined to be disabled. **You may receive up to a maximum of 12 months of retroactive payments from the date your application was received." I too received 13 months… the 12 months maximum allowed and the payment for the month you were approved. Hope that helps.


thank you ,ok this helps

and congratulations to you too fredup

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I thought the lump some would go back to when you were disabled.
I would phone Service Canada and ask them to explain it.

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It might be because you weren’t determined to be permanently disabled until the surgery failed? So retro payment starts from that date?

No, the back payment is paid based on the date of your most recent application, as explained by Fed Up. It can then go back a maximum of 12 months from the date most recent application, but can be shorter depending on how fast you were approved after applying.

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Good morning Freightliner,

First off congratulations on being approved CPPD. This site has provided me with invaluable information/insight on how to properly apply for CPPD Benefits. David’s Blueprint has definitely given me the tools to put my best application forward.

I have recently applied for CPPD Benefits (physical limitations are all cancer related) and was wondering if your shoulder injury/illness was the only medical factor that you brought forward in your CPPD application? I must admit I am quite anxious about the decision on my application and I find yours encouraging for me.


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