Experience form

I have been asked to complete an experience form for my insurer - or add a resume.
Do I make the job duties detailed? Vague? I carried a lot of responsibilities for all my jobs from high end policy researching to government reporting right down to the minute details of knowing something about each person I dealt with to develop rapport (from CEOs to the janitors)

PTSD, depression and anxiety
Thanks in advance.

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I would get the free consult with Resolute.
My guess is to be detailed.

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Depends! They may be looking for any occupation you can do.

They may try to reduce benefits especially after the 2 year period when you go from own occupation to any occupation.

“Any occupation” policies define disability more narrowly, as the inability to work in any gainful occupation for which you are reasonably suited, considering your education, training, and experience. In other words, if you can work in any gainful occupation, you’ll be denied benefits.

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That is exactly where we are.
I made it detailed. They want all the experience whether I can now do the task or not. They are asking basic questions like knowing how to use a phone or computer, knowing how to use a mouse and keyboard, writing a basic email and office software.

I didn’t want to leave anything out to be accused of having a skill and not having it there. The insurer has challenged some simple things to ridiculousness before.
“You can answer the telephone. You can do that?”
I saw the Caller ID and knew if I didn’t answer you’d cut my benefits off.
“So you CAN answer telephones.”
I knew it was you and will have anxiety during and afterwards.
“But you can still answer a phone.”

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Or they may look at what you’ve done in the past and decide to support your continued claim.

I agree with TryToSmile, “depends”.

Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should be doing it.

That is the best plan IMO.

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I was vague. I gave the the years I worked at previous jobs and a few things I did in those past occupations.

My insurer is very…strange with my case. There are other factors that have nothing to do with me personally? But they are doing their best to terminate my claim any way they can despite all their medical professionals supporting my claim.

I reported in writing to my insurer that I worked for a few days (transitioning to a replacement) It says,
“Dear specifically named caseworker:
I need to work from date to date in order to train my replacement. What should I do for ‘insurer’ in this case?”

My insurer attempted to cut me off a year later by saying, “We knew you were working, but didn’t know you earned money.”

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Sadly the Government allows the insurance companies to do whatever they chose to. That includes harassing you until you breakdown and give up.

I’ll be honest. I was close to giving up just in the last few weeks. I never actually know if a payment will arrive each month.

Every little thing was a battle from them. They cut me off, I’d get reinstated (3x), they’d threaten to cut benefits each time they sent a form if I or my doctor didn’t return it on time. They email with secure settings but they snail mail the more important letters. The letters are dated weeks before I actually get them. (One dated September 10 and received by fax October 22 - request of 15 days to return the letter…so September 25 and it’s late)

Last week I received a formal letter saying because the authorization form wasn’t returned (I still had a few days) they were cutting my benefits in half in expectation of CPPD. I haven’t even had the application 2 weeks! But then in the body of the email, they explained they actually weren’t cutting the benefits…so which was it?

I had to ask 3 separate times for the CPPD clawback estimate, and finally someone answered. Turns out, I have room in my 80% other sources clause so they don’t get a nickel.

They make me sicker. 7 medical professionals have supported my claim (three are their own) and each of those 7 have pointed out the insurance company is making it worse.

It’s hard not to read through my file and not see that the caseworker is taking it personally when you read the lengths she went to in order to try and get me off claim (to the point her higher ups had to tell her to stop).

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