Two years mark and my age

Hello Friends,
Thank you for reassurance and help you provided to me in the past. Two weeks ago my case manager called me and started to tell me about change of definition coming up (in 6 month) and trying to question me on my health status.
I told her I am not answering all her questions over the phone, due to the high level of stress it puts me on and asked her to email me all her enquiries. She agreed and now I need to fill a 2 pages long questionnaire. I am bracing myself to do it and still can’t . I missed the deadline by couple of days and still not ready to start. Just thinking of it brings back my anxiety and kicks my overall pain up. Again I started to have a similar gall bladder pains, that landed me in the hospital 2 years ago. I am sure its all about my stress level. What shall I do, I am so afraid they will kick me out and I am in no shape to go back to work. I am 62 years old and taking a reduced pension is not a smart plan. So far with the payments from LTD , I am able to sit in a cottage and not coming back to city. My specialist is very supportive, but may go in retirement soon. Thank you for listening and maybe you will have advice for me.

I know how anxiety provoking it is when your welfare depends so heavily on it but keep in mind that they accepted your original claim and you still have the same issues preventing you from working. At age 62 they will have lowered expectations that you will be able to improve enough to go back to work and also they have less incentive to look for reasons to deny a claim since most LTD policies end at age 65 anyway.

Do you have a friend or family member who can provide help with the form and moral support while you go through the form?

Do you have a copy of the original application for LTD that you submitted? I found it easier to use that as a starting point and just give the same answers, updating anything that has changed.

Also if you need more time, I would send your case manager a note letting them know that you need more time but are working on it.

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I agree with this.^^

If I were in your position I would start by taking a look at the questionnaire but NOT filling it out. Just open it, tell yourself you will read it and then close it and not deal with it today. Baby steps. I have found this works for my anxiety. If it helps at all, I have had these 2 page questionnaires before and they are usually just the standard questions about whether or not you have improved or not. On the bright side at 62 you only have 3 more years left of this BS! I have a lot more years to go! Enjoy your cottage and hang in there!

My best advice to you is to have a disability lawyer handle all of this with the insurance company. It will remove you from most of the stress. It is often usual for a company to deny you past 2 yrs and having it handled by a lawyer can often avoid this. Speaking from experience.

If they don’t have a medical report from your doctor saying you can return to work they shouldn’t be able to take your benefits away. Ask them to provide you with something that says you can return to work with the medical issues you have. Pretty sure they don’t have anything to say that. If they do you may have trouble but sounds like your doctor is on board.

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Update on my initial post.
I got a phone call and the letter after, stating that I was approved to continue my LTD past 2 years mark. I will have to apply to CPPD according to my insurer. Still waiting on communication as how to do it. Unfortunately I will loose my health benefits after 2 year unless I choose to pay 100 % for them. I will have to calculate to figure it out. Thank you very much for helping.

I am glad it worked out. Consider whether you might also qualify for the disability tax credit and if so send in an application.

Also when you are calculating whether or not to continue your healthcare premiums, remember that medical expenses are tax deductible if they’re big enough compared to your taxable income, and premiums for health care that you pay yourself count.

They are paid by the employers, no?
The employer may or may not terminate your employment after 2 years.

I’m in the same boat too. My employer’s company policy says that they will pay for extended health benefit for only the first 2 years of LTD, after that it comes out of my pocket if I want it to continue. I’m still considered an emplopyee after 2 years, but there’s no legal obligation for them to continue funding my extended health care benefits.

Correct, only 2 years for the extended health benefits and after I will have to pay myself

I hadn’t heard of that.

What is the benefit to them to keep disabled people employed?

My guess is that by not having to pay for benefits they save money after the 2 year mark. Then when enough time has passed (4+ years???) they can claim the employment contact is frustrated, and terminate the employee with no severance required.

Sounds greasy, I wonder who thought up that strategy.
I wonder if it is legal to cut off benefits with the intention to end employment later.
If they keep the person “employed” past 2 years but it doesn’t cost them anything then maybe they would do that.

Yeah it does seem unethical but I might be assuming the worst.