Disability Ta Credit and Will insurer provide notice prior to stopping benefits

I have just applied for the disability tax credit. The form has more information than my doctor has ever provided to my insurer. Should I send this form to the LTD provider? And should I wait to find out if I am approved?

Also, how much notice do they need to provide before the insurer cuts you off of disability benefits?

The DTC is a bit more difficult to apply for and it has an expiration date (I think about 5 years). Insurers have no interest in making you apply for this benefit; however, should you get it, it will be better for you because you will have a total independant scrutinizing agency that favours your disability. Who is “they” before the insurer cuts you off disability beneftis? Why do you feel that you will be cut off LTD? If you are that disabled as to apply for DTC with your doctor’s concurrence, I should think that LTD would continue to be substantiated. Good luck…

I understand they won’t make me apply for the DTC. But the information provided about my disability on the paperwork is much more detailed than the information my dr has provided my insurer.

I think they are going to end my benefits because I’ve been on LTD for over 2 years. Now working part time(2 days a week). They gave me a few weeks to provide more medical information and stated that if it’s not received by then my claim will be closed. That seems aggressive. The form basically only asked if the dr thought I would recover anymore or if this is it.

I sent in the documents but they paid me much earlier than they normally pay me as well. Usually it’s the middle of the next month and this time I received it before the end of the month.

I asked for an update and my caseworker is not responding.

Good point about the DTC approval helping to prove my disability to LTD. I never thought about that.

Yes, of course they do.

Yes a GRTW but I think the part time is going to be permanent.