DTC approved! Finally

I’m not sure the complex ptsd, major depressive disorder and anxiety were enough.

Bowel incontinence from a resection after endometriosis though was.

Yay for crapping myself?

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Lol no dignity in illness eh

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It’s wild. I can be crippled in a panic attack but now that I shit myself in public. :roll_eyes::joy:

Good job. Congrats! lol

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My doctor, who also worked as a medical adjudicator, said you practically have to be blind and/or crippled to be approved for disability benefits.

Well, it has to affect your life severely.
What does disabled mean if not crippled?

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He meant confined in bed most of the time or the person would need assistance with everyday tasks. He didn’t mention other criteria he looks for to consider someone disabled.

Your doctor is not accurate. Sorry. I’ve been on LTD for nearly 8 yrs, CPPD for 5 yrs, now approved DTC. Im not bedridden (most days) & I can still care for myself. I simply cannot function in society

Yeah your doctor is very wrong there, there’s a government website to help explain the criteria. That’s another reason why it’s a good idea to fill out the form yourself as much as you can before seeing your doc.

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Those are the criteria that automatically qualifies for disability. Obviously there are more criteria he goes by but he didn’t go into further details.