Dammed if you do Dammed if you don't


Stuck in limbo land would be an understatement of how I feel these past few years.
Having gone through Short Term then Long Term Disability and in the legal process for the last two plus years I look into the mirror and I do not see much of anything anymore.
We all know that no matter how rough and tough you are feeling it is best if you keep moving and doing, what ever it is. So many positives, physically mentaly emotionally and socially. You want to be active.
But… everything that you do can, will, and does get used against you by the medical insurance company legal team. Long distance surveillance, online social medial spying, interrogation of friends family and community members are but a snippet of the tools that the medical insurance company legal team use to paint a skewed picture of the most disabled person so they can “win the case”. Nothing to do with honesty or to do the right thing.
So from the rant to my question, what is a person to do for the years that pass while the legal process slowly moves on?
For a sence of purpose it is suggested that volenteering even an hour a week is beneficial.
For the body even daily walks can help maintain a bit of mobility.
For the soul having a hobby keeps a feel of worth.
Unfortunately I seen how visiouly the legal team has twisted anything I tried an how they have used the misinformation to justify their possition of terminating my claim.
The accusations that was thrown at me over the past few years were brutal and relentless. The last session during the disclosure has really taken me down. Let’s just say that my give a f is completely gone. Makes just getting up is a struggle anymore. I wonder where the next picture will come from? What will I have to do (clear some snow or…) that they will use against me?
Maybe this may give someone an insight of what they may be in for. I sure hope not


Wow, that sucks.
I don’t have anything to say except I sympathize.
Did you get LTD for 2 years and then they cut you off at “any” occupation?
Do you have CPP-D?


Just do not take it personally; it is not a personal attack on your good actions. It does seem hopeless when they use every tool against you; believe you me! it is simply a group of ignorant, cruel, and unconscionable people who are employed to do a job; a job to bring you to your lowest. Do not let them win.


How ever when you strip away ones purpose then what is left…
Only thing going for me is a lawyer with a chip on his shoulder who has a distain for this kind of insulting treatment. Not sure if it means anything but cofiling a mega-dollar suit against the insurance company does give me some hope that they may be held accountable, but I’m not holding my breath


My experience was very similar making me almost a prisoner of my home, knowing that every movement is being recorded. No, I’m not crazy, because the police verified my information. The worst thing that I could do was stay in my house, but that was what happened. They are miserable peons, the lowest of the low, both the insurance company employees and their surveillance ‘tools’.


i read your statement to my wife and it broke me because when I looked in the mirror I saw a broken man I saw a reflection of myself in your story!! So I understand what you are dealing with!!! feeling imprison by the illness We face every day and will continue to face. The rest of rest for sure my life and their are so many other like us .Just know that your not alone in this struggle ,that we need to support each in this fight against injustice and support each because we understand what the other is going throw!!! we all know on this forum and across this country just how fast a illness can take control of are life’s physically ,emotionally and financially.We need to build a network Of support that even thow we are broke in some way physically and emotionally and maybe even finically (no thanks to the insurance companies)that we build a pillar of strength together and fight the injustice of the insurance companies who play God with are life are Health and are sanity that we stand together as a community to support and lean on each other for that we can find a better out come then despair .Much like this site does for us ! Gives us some hope and guidance to how we can approach and dealing with thing legally and allow us maybe some sort of peace of mind!!! Allowing us to vent about the frustration of the whole ordeal that these insurance companies have put us throw unjustifiable for their selfish greed to lining their own pockets .That knowledge is power and that we grow in knowledge to teach other so then they know that they are not alone in this in this struggle and their maybe some resolve, their maybe light at the end of the tunnel!!! I truly hope that you find some resolve to your situation I’m sending a hug to you man because I think you need it !!! Hell sending you all hugs because I sure know theirs days I sure could sure use one!!! Don’t ever give up on yourself!!!


Forgive them for yourself. Insurance is set up to please the shareholders and not the policyholders. It is not personal.

Not everyone can stand up and/or lawyer up …and that is understandable. Your health is what is most important and there are no easy answers.

For those that have the will to lawyer up will help to pave the path for those who can’t.

Those that can not manage a legal challenge can help by sharing their experience and support.

Of course anyone can buy shares in the Insurance Company , then file a proxy to be voted on and speak at a shareholder meeting ((I have been there and started that…then settled)


This topic is so comforting to know we are all experiencing such dismay! Yet this sight proves that we are not alone and the tough days will shine with a possible and legal understanding that " it is not personal" I only wish I came across this site a few years ago before I acted in a deadly manner feeling lost within the world.

I do not recommend what I have done after I was destroyed, but what I did was write my own personal lawyer s letter and presented it as me hiring a lawyer. The fake lawyer letter brought be back pay of 5,000.00 within four days. I was not thinking right and I never should have presented a letter I wrote portraying the letter to be from a law firm. This letter was not to my LTD insurance but to my home and line of credit insurance who falsified insurance documents which I was able to factually prove. I thought I could do better than a lawyer; I was also ashamed by being blocked down by the attacks by both insurance companies that I did not care if I got caught portraying myself as a lawyer. In my state of mind I felt justified that the home insurance were aloud to lie and discredit my personal information that I myself was asking untitled as well. I accomplished my task with the home insurance but I was still emotionally broke and drained that my information was exposed and belittled that I furthers my actions by wanting to hurt a professional like he hurt me. I was not in my right frame of mind obviously and I reacted further which only created another disability. I am greatly to have found this forum and I only hope so many others come across this forum and realize that it is not personal and as hard as it is to " forgive" as stated above is the best medicine to act in a legal and professional manner.
I’m over the fighting but I still have to come here in hopes to forgive and to move forward with my life. I just cannot learn to get over the way I was destroyed, belittled, betrayed. The truth being used as a harmful tool was an attack I cannot over come. I come back to this forum to keep me going and to see that this forum is helping so many others. This forum is so devoted and sencerely here to help others for what they themselves have gone through. The help is amazing. This forum is much more than just support, it’s a truly caring community looking out for everyone who falls into this category.