Return to work, insurance company hasn't responded to request?

I spoke to my insurance company (LTD) regarding my return to work and the minimal hours I have started with. They requested that my doctor provide a letter stating what has changed re my medical condition that is allowing me to try a RTW. Fair enough. My doctor said that THEY need to send HER a request for what info specifically that they’d like, and she’d be happy to provide it with my consent. I tried getting through to the insurance co to speak to them about this, and ended up finally leaving a detailed message with my doctor’s info, clinic address, phone, etc. Today I asked her if she had heard anything, and she hasn’t. It’s been 2 weeks. Do I just keep trying them? I’ve already been back for a few weeks and don’t want to be accused of not being cooperative or withholding info, however they aren’t answering. Should I send the request for their request (lol) in writing? CPPD was so easy to speak with in comparison!

I guess my insurance company is large because they have a general call center.

If you can fax them, I would do that.
It is relatively cheap and then you have proof of delivery.

Good luck.

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I faxed and mailed a letter approximately 4 weeks ago now, to have a “paper trail”, and my doctor still has not heard from them. This is bordering on bizarre. I will call again, but until I get further contact with them, will set aside the small amount of $ from my very minimal hours thus far, as no doubt they will want the difference paid back at some point. Aggravating, but I’m glad I have proof, thanks for the advice about that, @jammer :+1:

I would also send them a copy of each paystub each time your hours change and ask for further directions. You want to keep up the paper trail of flawless compliance for once they get their act together.