Does MSCA reset overnight?

Hi there! I’m so thankful this forum exists, it’s been so helpful to see everyone’s experiences with this incredibly stressful process.

My application was submitted on Dec 28/21 and I’ve had the runaround ever since. The medical adjudicator called me in February and indicated that she was sending out letters for more info to my doctors. In April, I still hadn’t heard from her or a doctor so I called Service Canada who advised that no letters had been sent. The MA called me back and told me that “Oops!” she hadn’t actually had them sent. So it set my case back by a few months because of course, when they did go out after my call in April, the doctors didn’t get them. Fast forward to June 8, my doctor had the forms finally and sent in the information they had requested.

I called a couple of days ago and asked for an update, as I was told it would be a priority due to the delay not being on my end. Yesterday, the MA called me and asked if I was working or volunteering anywhere and said that my decision would be made today or next week.

My question from all of this is, does MSCA account update overnight or will it show as soon as they make a decision, during business hours? I’m so anxious waiting and of course I’m checking hourly to see because I don’t have it in me to handle an appeal and I’m anticipating I will have to.

Thanks again!

That was a lot of dropping the ball from Service Canada. I would assume MSCA updates daily minus the weekends? I was approved for CPPD and the person who called me asked me one question as well, if I had returned to work and I said no and then her next sentence was I have therefore been approved for CPPD (mental health issues) and told me what my monthly benefit would be. If they just asked you that one question I think you are looking at an approval. Keep checking MSCA under payments as you may see an update over there before you receive a letter from Service Canada. Hopefully you will receive a call confirming approval. Seems like there is no standard procedure on how they notify if you have been approved.

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It really was a runaround! No update yet so I’m hoping something will be changed online by Monday. Maybe overnight tonight but that feels like wishful thinking.

I appreciate your response, fingers crossed!

I see from your reply to another thread you are a voc rehab for a major insurer. Does the insurer push the voc rehab on you if you have been approved for CPPD?

They did, they tried to ‘encourage’ everyone to do what they could unless their condition was terminal. Even if CPP was being deducted and reducing what they paid, at least if you returned to work they wouldn’t have to pay for your benefits anymore.

My insurer when they asked me to apply for CPPD said CPPD is a much harder test to pass compared to LTD which we all know it is. I am just waiting for them to change their tune now and say LTD is harder than CPPD etc. I still have 1 year left in my own occupation before it goes to any occupation.

Any occupation doesn’t mean literally any occupation. In some of his webinars David talks about how it has to be suitable to your education and experience and also generally at least 65% of your income prior to becoming disabled. Whereas for CPPD your disability has to be severe and prolonged, and you must be unable to earn more than the maximum CPPD payment (about $17k for 2022) at literally any job.

Just called for an update and they’re getting a Benefits Officer to call me, so hopefully that’s a good sign as it seems to mean it’s moved past the adjudicator. Who knows at this point, though! At least I’m past the 180 days so they’re trying to prioritize it… ha.

I never got a call from the medical adjudicator when my call came. It was the benefit officer. You will be approved. 99.99 percent sure of that.

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Hopefully! I called them this morning and the person said that someone would call to discuss ‘amounts’ so I said, ‘oh, you can see I’ve been approved?’ And they told me that no, they couldn’t see anything. :woman_facepalming:t3: I’m terrible to be calling so often, but I worked for the government for a long time and I know how easily things can get forgotten/left for someone else so I’m trying to stay on it.

To call you to discuss ‘amounts’ you have been approved :slight_smile: you will get a call to tell you your back pay, your regular monthly CPPD and any child benefits CPPD if applicable. I know until you get the call you will be anxious but you are looking at an approval. All your persistence paid off. Congratulations.