Does cppd usually call you?

I applied for CPPD and was at first denied because of the way my doctor worded her statement. She then, re - submitted documents stating my condition was severe and prolonged and i wouldn’t be able to do any meaningful/gainfull work. They then requested more info. It’s been almost 1year and seven months. I got a call yesterday and a message was left saying they sent a letter.
Has anybody had this happen ? I’ve heard they only call if they deny you?

I asked around in our office, and our experience is they usually call to tell you of a denial, but not always. Sometime they will make a token effort, call once and if you don’t answer, then just send the letter. Does not mean its bad or good if they don’t call. It is not normal for them to take a year to make a decision, unless there were major delays in getting the updated medical report or information.

David Brannen

Disability Lawyer with Resolute Legal

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Hi David,
Thank you for your response. I am a single mother of a 2 almost 3 year old little girl. I had a good job with the District of North Vancouver as a full time Temp. I was injured at work and had surgery on my back L4/L5/S1 Despite my surgeons and doctors request as Im not able to sit or stand longer than 20 min at a time, Voc rehab WCB put me in an office position temporarily for a year while a lady was on Mat leave(it was the Districts duty to get me back to work) WCB offerd office training, at a school that i had to resign from, 1 month after enrolled as I could not sit for the 8 hour day, I missed weeks upon weeks and days of work and the district played me off. I have been without work for over 4 years. My ex common-law partner was a the primary bread winner and shortly after our daughter was born he left. I currently have a small wcb pension of 650.00 a month and have applied for CPPD as my doctor has agreed i won’t be able to find any meaningful/ gainful work with my condition. I am prescribed Cymbalta for perennial fibrosis(nerve Pain) and Oxycodone 10mg IR as needed.I had to do a tax credit split with my Ex and that was approved and they denied my first try as they didn’t get enough info and have finally called yesterday to say they sent a letter on my answering machine. This is after a request to reconsider…. I just feel sick

I am glad to hear you did the credit split as that will make a big difference. WCB - BC will I believe deduct only 50% of the CPP payment amount from your WCB payment amount. So basically your total income will go up by 50% of the CPP disability payment. Keep your hopes up and its possible to win even if you get denied at this reconsideration stage.