Application for grave medical conditions

My doctor applied August 27th for CPP D with my diagnosis of renal cancer. In September they asked for more information from my specialist. He denied their request stating that they had more than adequate information on the severity of my condition.
Today I missed a call from my local Service Canada Office. They left a message stating there would be a letter in the mail and to call with questions once I recieved the letter. I’ve heard they usually call when it’s a denial? That being said I checked my online account and saw that it still says in progress, but my direct deposit info is listed in the direct deposit section. I can’t imagine that info being updated for a denial?
This whole process is nerve wracking.
I appreciate any insight.
Thank you!

Hi AudyBinlaudy,

Sorry to hear about your condition (cancer). I trust that all the treatment is progressing in your favour. I too have cancer and applied for CPPD upon the request of my LTD provider. Service Canada called me a few times and asked both my oncologist and family physician for more information. In the end I was denied on first application. I immediately requested my file from them through the Access to Information Act, and then submitted a request for reconsideration. Within two weeks of submitting my request for reconsideration I received a letter indicating that I was approved CPPD.

Seeing how you do have a cancer that is listed as a “Grave” condition (as defined on the CPPD Benefits Application) that your oncologist has indicated as renal cancer then try not to worry too much at this time. Wait and see what the letter from Service Canada says and then take it from there. I suspect that your application will be approved.

Take care of yourself.


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I’m sorry that you too have to endure this disease. I hope your recovery is stable too. Thanks for sharing your story!

That’s not true and you’re not the first that has heard that.
I think think do a lot of denials now without reading just because they get too many applications.
I hope you get approved.

Best of luck with it and the cancer.

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My CPP D took a very long time, I got a phone call from a nurse who asked a lot of questions. I was approved shortly after. Hang in there!

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