Disability Tax Credit


Check this out, maybe that would help.

In addition, they have a dedicated page for every tax form, for example 8825 tax form, etc.


This year I finally found someone who understands me. She is a psychologist who is just starting out. She filled out the T2201 for me in great detail. She attached a letter detailing her diagnosis. This young lady is super intelligent. My other doctors refuse to complete the T2201 for me. They said I am high functioning. This young psychologist disagrees with them based on the tests she has given me. I sent in my completed T2201 three weeks ago. I am expecting a response the earliest January 2019.


My psychologist just informed me CRA wants more detailed information about my health. This information must remain confidential between my psychologist and CRA. I am not allowed to know this info.


I would need convincing to agree to that.
That is the psychologist saying that, I don’t think CRA would.
Ask what kind of information and why you can’t know.


Thank you jammer. I find that strange. I will be seeing my psychologist in person in a couple of weeks.


I vaguely recall (but maybe I’m making it up) that the only reason a psychologist can withhold your medical record is if knowing would result in you harming yourself or others.
Your psychologist should be able to explain everything to you.

Good luck.


Thank you again jammer. I reread the email from my psychologist and she said they (CRA) “They have asked that it remain confidential.”
I am will be seeing her in person soon so I will find out what is going on.


I saw my psychologist today and she clearly said CRA does not want me to know what she wrote in her detailed report to them for the DTC. We shall see what happens next. She spent one week on her detailed report so she will be sending me a huge bill plus courier cost.


When I got it (a long time ago), the form said:

Service Canada will assist with the cost of completing the Medical Report by paying up to $85.00 directly to you. To ensure payment, please include an original invoice with your report. Your invoice must include our client’s name, address and identification number. Depending on your practice or business, your invoice must include one of the following for Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) purposes: - your Business Number (BN); or - your Goods and Services Tax (GST) / Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) number; or - your Social Insurance Number (SIN).

Good luck.


I’d be tempted to tell her that you can’t accept a bill for a report that you aren’t allowed to see.


Thank you jammer and Nip for the excellent posts and advice. If she sends me a bill I may tell her it is my understanding Service Canada pays her directly.

I have already told her no one ever heard of CRA saying DTC forms must be kept confidential from me the client.

I am guessing her boss wants my money. Everytime I pay for a session I have to E-transfer the money to her boss.