Disability or retire


I am on long term disability with great-west life and have also been approved with CPP so I’m on Canada CCP disability as well.

i have worked for 35 years and can retire if i want with full pension .

My questions are .

What happens to my CCP disability money which right now i believe great- west life gets ?

Would I get my pension check and CCP disability money?

Also any advice on what i should do stay on disability or retire

thank you


Your CPP-D changes into a lower CPP.

Stay on LTD unless retiring is financially better for you.

I forgot to say that I’m 57 years old

if i retire do i get my pension and CCP disability money ?
And if i do ,do i get it till Im 65 years old?
Thank you

No idea what pension you mean.
A defined benefit pension from your employer?
Any danger of your employer going bankrupt like Nortel/Sears?
I have a defined contribution pension which I think is safe regardless if my employer goes bankrupt.

Im a government employee ,my pension is public service plan (pension from my employer)and would be always secure .
If I retired would I get both CCP disability check and my public service pension from my employer ?
Thanks again my friend for your help

Yes, my friend retired at 53ish (I think his gov pension is higher than LTD plus he doesn’t have to deal with Sun\Life).
CPP-D will convert to regular CPP at 65.

((CPP-D will convert to regular CPP at 65.))

Does my CCP_D convert to regular CPP at 65.when i retire or do i get CPP- D to the age of 65 and then I lose my CCP_D as it converts to reg CCP at the age of 65?

My insurance company get my CCP money now to off set what they give me.

If I retired would I now get pension money and CPP -D to 65? (Two checks?)

Sorry for asking for the answers to these two questions again.

just want to make sure I understand

thank you so much of your help

Thank again

I’m pretty sure you will get CPP-D until 65and your pension money.
It might depend where in the gov you worked, I know there are problems with working in the military.
Your union rep or HR should be able to get you the exact answers.

All I have is an opinion, check your policy.


Hey Griz: I can answer that question. I just turned 55. My Insurer didn’t get my CPP-D however, they decreased my LTD monthly benefit by the amount I was receiving from CPP-D. Then after 6 months of being approved for LTD “any occupation” - they cut me off. My employer switched me from LTD status to Unpaid Leave of Absence. I appealed the Insurer - was again denied. I hired a Disability Lawyer and am suing. One year to the date that the Insurer cut off my benefits I received a letter in the mail from my Employer stating that I was “Terminated due to a Frustrated Contract”. I have 36 years of pensionable service and a DB Pension plan. The Employer sent me retirement forms to complete.

So - to answer your question - you can receive your pension from your Employer (reduced or unreduced if you’re taking early retirement (age 55-64) rather than normal retirement (*age 65). You should be able to continue CPP-D as I am. However - if CPP-D is being sent to your Insurer (which I find odd) you may have to contact them and advise you are no longer receiving LTD benefits and re-route your payment to your own bank account. Upon reaching 65 you would advise CPP that you are now 65 and you will then receive CPP but my understanding is that CPP is less than CPP-D (just a forewarning).

Currently I’m still suing my Insurer but now have to find an Employment Lawyer so I can sue my Employer as I was denied any Notice Period or Severance Payment. They have created a financial hardship; I was still in litigation with the LTD insurer, they’ve forced me into retirement thus losing further growth/contributions to my DB Pension Plan. UGH.

I hope that helps?

You need to discuss this with your pension administrator as there can be bridging of benefits between public service pension plans and CPP disability. Your pension plan administrator will know the answers.

Generally speaking, you are usually better off financially to keep getting LTD payments and delay retirement as along as possible. Again, you would need to seek financial advice on this from your pension plan or credible financial planner.