CPTSD recognition in Canada on DMCL5

Hi I’m new here(ShakinN0tstirr3d),

I looked online and on this forum and cannot find why CPTSD is not/not be recognized on the DSM5- I think that’s the proper label? Or in Canada?

All I found was there no proof of Nelson’s findings and has no link or connections to his findings?

I saw the Website(I will attach the link later) for a brief second and this forum but I’m not understanding as to why Canada does not/ will not recognize CPTSD?

Here is the link and cannot seem to find articles or credible sources from Canada about this topic. Every time I search, it keeps referring to PTSD not CPTSD:
VA.gov | Veterans Affairs.

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I think because Canadian disability insurance and CPP Disability focus on the ability to function rather than the specific diagnosis, we don’t tend to see the lists of qualifying diagnoses that you see for Social Security disability in the States. The reason that it wasn’t included in the DSM-5 was because the vast majority of the patients were covered by the criteria for PTSD in general, and it wasn’t clear if it was a different disease or just a subset of symptoms from regular PTSD. Kind of like how they combined autism and Asperger’s into autism spectrum disorder to recognize that there is a continuum of symptoms rather than a hard division between the conditions.

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For those wondering CPTSD = Chronic Post-Traumatic Stress disorder. @Caro 's explanation is 100% in line with my thinking on this.

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No Sir,


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Yes, I stand corrected. Thank you.