CPPD waiting and process is so long time nothing

I am deaf, I was waiting for CPPD is competed and process still, I tired check online service Canada still say process, never show up.
I know last applied Aug. 30 2023 again twice and my doctor did stamp with apply and same time i drop off Canada service … then I know I signed other 90 days again… then now pass 120 days but I called VRS service interpreter though service Canada CPPD say rule change 160 days is pass now …
I am waiting for long time … I can’t do work any job. I am long term stay home, i have problem with back with my L5 and S1 and disc weak and plus ligament. my doctor knows done help me applied done last Aug. 30. 2023.

CPPD service Canada say yes it long time un-void from APRIL 5.2024 not call back me … I had called them last March 15.2024 asked what wrong with last APRIL 5.2024. They say BUSY people, I can’t believe it. they know reported for on list April 5.2024.
Now I had called them yesterday April 23.2024 morning, they say will call me back today but i waited 5 hours waiting tired. then now today April 24.2024. 2 pm, I called them. They say have update more instead again on May 15.2024 want me call. I tired problem communication and stress. I went hang up tired hard time communcation … tha all. I am still waiting for CPPD is process never answer to back me. they say yes still debt me from long time … I don’t get approved yet ,

I don’t know what go on, I very stress and tired try communication them but nothing.

thankyou …

almost 8 months now close to 9 months in may 2024. i am still waiting keep check online canada service CPPD still process. heh … wow .


It is unfortunate that the process takes so long… hang in there

i think yup they still process so long , I checked service canada CPPD still say completed and process … i waiting for long 8 months close to be 9 months in may … oh well. I tired called them … They say sorry too busy , they know reported for list next call me last april 5.2024. but not call me yet… so long waiting again. I called and they give me may 15th to me call . I say enough too tired called few time … they may have busy and Choas over process so long.

I don’t know what to say.
I think there is a way to file a complaint.
Maybe contact your MP.
I think I read that it sometimes takes years now. :frowning:

This is insane. When I applied for mine in 2019 (pre covid) it took like 3 months and I thought it was a long time. Everything is broken now. My friend has been waiting 13 months for her CPP and they just tell her no timeline. I agree, contact your MP.

what is MP?
I am lots of patient and know CPPD is service Canada know but I think they maybe ignore or no respect for any deaf, blind, problem people health from worked happen.
I believe people work on Service Canada CPPD do not understand about communication when I called VRS interpreter. oh well. I can’t help and I can’t fight over it … I just patient and let CPPD service Canada is decide. I read people have tired of them wow …

I don’t know where you live but in BC at least people can get on provincial disability and pay them back from the first CPPD payment. It is truly obscene that the federal government has hired 100, 000 people and can’t process a CPPD application before you starve to death.

MP stands for “Member of Parliament”

If you go to the website below and enter your postal code, it will tell you who your MP is. You can then contact their office and tell them your situation and ask for help. They have the ability to escalate things especially if you are suffering a hardship.