Compinsasion and canada pension disability


still waiting to hear from cppd ,on compinsasion since oct 2017, my question
if i am approved for cppd ,do i have to pay compinsasion back any money?


Is that long term disability from a private insurer?
It depends on your policy but most insurance companies are entitled to be paid back.


its just workers compinsasion
jammer am i obligated to pay them back any money if i am approved for cppd?


What province?

For Ontario:
I don’t see any mention of previous benefits but it says CPP-D could be deducted from future benefits.
So I would probably assume the back pay of CPP-D might have to be paid to WSIB.
I don’t know and I wouldn’t worry about it until after you get CPP-D.
Then you can ask WSIB.


i live in cape breton
nova scotia


For the purpose of determining a worker’s post accident earnings, the Board shall include 50% of any Canada Pension Plan (CPP) Disability Benefits the worker is receiving.

I can’t find anything, maybe 50% of retro CPP-D.
I would ask them when you get CPP-D.