Compinsasion and canada pension disability

still waiting to hear from cppd ,on compinsasion since oct 2017, my question
if i am approved for cppd ,do i have to pay compinsasion back any money?

Is that long term disability from a private insurer?
It depends on your policy but most insurance companies are entitled to be paid back.

its just workers compinsasion
jammer am i obligated to pay them back any money if i am approved for cppd?

What province?

For Ontario:
I don’t see any mention of previous benefits but it says CPP-D could be deducted from future benefits.
So I would probably assume the back pay of CPP-D might have to be paid to WSIB.
I don’t know and I wouldn’t worry about it until after you get CPP-D.
Then you can ask WSIB.

i live in cape breton
nova scotia

For the purpose of determining a worker’s post accident earnings, the Board shall include 50% of any Canada Pension Plan (CPP) Disability Benefits the worker is receiving.

I can’t find anything, maybe 50% of retro CPP-D.
I would ask them when you get CPP-D.

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still waiting jammer

When did you apply for CPP-D?
Do you know how to log in to the Service Canada website?

Yes Sir Taxes as well .When I got approved the cops sent me a check for $20 something Then had to was crying at that moment sign it over to my insurer and pay the taxes to boot This was how no one worked So don’t get all ready lol Maybe your is different

yes jammer im on msca every ten minutes says in progress


Contact your WCB and ask, because if not, you could be charged with things like fraud for simply not being upfront with WCB about any source of money that “could be seen as an income”.

Also, the link below should be very helpful to you and others in the same set or the like of circumstances no matter the insurer.

Hope this helps and spread the word to help others, knowledge is power.


thank you tammy,and i am still waiting for answer application still in progress

You are welcome freightliner :slight_smile:

I hope they assess and treat you fairly.

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me too …but ill be happy n just to get an answer ,this friday theyre supposed to give me an answer nov. 30 ,thats 15 day passed my 120 days ,i hope it doesnt get pushed back anymore ,the waiting is killing me